Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 89 - Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island BC - Sunday, August 7, 2011

Herb quietly uses the oars on Jake's Ferry this morning to search for an easy rock climb to go ashore.

We take one last look at the low, low tide as we prepare to leave Laura Cove.

I see Herb just above the large rock, and assume that Jake has already gone to find his grassy area.

Perhaps, Herb has thrown the dummy for him to chase.

We are the third vessel to leave this morning, and have really good memories to take with us.

Our plan today takes us around the south of West Redonda Island, past Refuge Cove (where we hope to spend the night), and into Lewis Channel.  

Going north we come to Teakerne Arm to get a look at the waterfall at Cassel Lake.  The Arm extends far into West Redonda from Lewis Channel.

There is room to anchor in the area; however, right in front of the falls it is too deep.  Two anchor rings are available, if you are lucky enough to get one.

The sound of the falls is very nice, and I can imagine falling asleep at night while listening to the water.

We see tourists on the cliff above, getting a different view.

Aha! Every day we see the log booms in the channels and the logs that have floated away.

Now I see where they once grew.  A large timbered area.

It is August; however I am a bit north of the 50th parallel, so I should not be surprised at seeing snow capped mountains.  So beautiful in the sunlight!  

The melting snow may be contributing to the waterfall at Cassel Lake.

We cruise south for a few miles to Refuge Cove, and when approaching the dock at no-wake speed, we see the last available space being taken.

Squirrel Cove just across Lewis Channel is a favorite spot for many, so we head in that direction.

On the radio we hear That's It just leaving the dock, so we know there is now room for us.  We tie up temporarily while we decide what to do.  With many boats coming and going, we rock a bit at the dock, so perhaps this should not be a destination for the night.

That's It radios again that he has found anchorage farther up the cove and will save a place for us.  We join her, Stout, Nest Egg and Zuma and search for the best spot to anchor.

Nest Egg, That's It, and Stout

There are already quite a few boats settled in for the evening, and we motor around and make a couple of tries at anchoring.

The wind and current are making their presence known, but we finally are successful in both hooking and being far enough away from others to avoid swinging into anyone.  

Herb decides to tie off the stern for added assurance.


That's It and Stout

All is well, and it becomes Happy Hour.

Ahhh, smoked salmon.  Heneral joins us on the table, and we see Jake's morsel dish at the right of the photo.

We are a happy family.

Our Canadian geese friends come for a visit.

Jake watches them intently, but says he does not retrieve a moving bird!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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