Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 84 - Pender Harbor BC - Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Cutwater boats join us for the trip continuing to Desolation Sound.  Walter and Tammy in the red one, It's a Secret, and Mike in the blue Port Boat House.

Cutwater is the sporty model being made by the Ranger folks in their Monroe WA plant.

We have a beautiful sunrise at  7 AM this morning as we prepare to cast off.

Sea Sweeper with Herb B. and June are first to go.

Then Dennis and Darlene on Tug of my Heart. 

Nest Egg is next.

Then this nice one!

Leroy takes Chiquito out with Lisa and guests, Patty and Roger.

Patty gets a photo of Willie's Tug taking a picture of her!

Lincoln waves from Circle T.

Now comes another nice red one.

Chiquito gets company, and is expertly kept out of the plane's landing strip.

And away we go.

We see two ferries, one of which goes away from us, and the other causes us concern as to which way she will head.

Patrick of That's It calls traffic information and lets us know we should steer to our starboard.

The water appears calm as we left port, but is getting choppy now.  So choppy that I can't get a good photo of the ferry.  It can be vaguely seen on the left.

We get the wakes of the ferry and other Ranger Tugs.

A nice background for another photo of Chiquito.

We encounter very little other vessel traffic on our cross of the Strait of Georgia.

Of interest is that we can't go straight across because there is an area, WG, commonly called Whiskey Golf, which is a Naval test range.  It tests ships' systems and unarmed torpedoes.  Patrick learns that the area will be active today, beginning at 8AM, so we leave early and are able to cut a small corner of the designated area.

Then we turn north and follow the east side of the area.  No one gets hit from a submarine below!

After a four hour cruise, we arrive at Pilothouse Marina in Pender Harbour on the mainland of Canada.  We put out fenders, form a queue and slowly arrive at the docks, where Patrick and Ranger Jeff direct us to tie up.  

We see evidence of super organization and planning on the part of our 'leaders,' as we become neatly tucked into our spots for the night.

Uh, oh!  Jake's snack table tipped over during the wild ride.

Help is again available as other Tug pilots assist the incoming boats.  Willie's Tug is pulled backward by Herb, Leroy and Bob to make room for others now coming in.

How good we look -- all together!

In the afternoon I explore the beach and show Jack Messmer an animal I find among the rocks.  I warn him not to touch it because it is alive and I don't know what it is.  He identifies it as a harmless hermit crab and picks it up to show me.

Jack proudly displays his star fish with the hermit crab.

June, Lincoln, Herb and I walk in search of the grocery store and are told about a short cut.  (It it still a long walk.)  

We find a neat bridge over a stream.

Almost there!

We are greeted by at the door of the store by Brady, the resident Golden Retriever, so we know it is OK to take Jake inside.  Jake especially enjoys the pet food aisle, sniffing as he goes.

When Bob returns from his long-way-around walk to the store, he finds a perfect place to relax and watch the activities.

He is influencing the children, and I hear one of them say to Bob, "Look at us!"

Tym and Lincoln offer Herb a ride to the store -- much shorter and easier on the legs!

Tym tells Lincoln to drive the dinghy giving directions to the store, but Lincoln's task is to find his way back without their help.  

He makes it!

As Herb climbs out and gets back aboard Willie's Tug, Tym hands him his purchase.

Patrick calls a meeting for 5 PM to discuss tomorrow's journey.  

We seem to delay around this fisherman's boat and his big crab trap.

Gracie and Maisy Messmer find more fun things to do.  I am not sure the water is very warm.

After the meeting, we relax and visit with friends.  Yvonne and Allen have the boat, Stout.  

The snacks are great tonight.

The children try their hand at fishing and somehow get a line tangled.

Donna and a five person team work diligently to untangle.

Tammy's solution would be "snip, snip."

Jake is finally invited to join the group and makes himself right at home.  

He finds someone's ball.

Jeff brings out his iPhone with its music library and sound box.  The party gets livelier.  It has nothing to do with the shaker of Margaritas that he pours for all takers.   

Bob and Nita respond to the music.

(aside:  I hear someone call him Torpedo Bob.  Seems he got too close to Whiskey Golf once, and took a hit.  No harm done, as the missile was unarmed, but he did later notice a scratch on the hull.)

Debbie and Tammy join Bob.

Someone requests "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" and she is reminded that Three Dog Night calls it "Joy to the World."

More requests are taken.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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