Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 95 - Montague Harbour Marine Park on Galiano Island BC - Saturday, August 13, 2011

We wake to the sound of the bamboo waterfall, but know we must move on. 

As we travel south of Salt Spring Island we see several crab pots.  Also in the area of Captain Passage and Swanson Channel there are many ferries traveling between Long Harbour and Ganges Harbour, Otter Bay, Village Bay and points beyond.

We also see a very large log and plan to miss it, too!

Before we leave Canada, we go once more to Montague Harbour Marine Park to anchor out instead of catching the mooring buoy.

I have become the anchor person, letting out the anchor rode. I wonder if it is because Herb thinks I am so good at it, or because he thinks he is better at the helm than I......

Success!  We are hooked, and home for the night.

It is very crowded here -- a popular cove for mooring.  A seaplane comes in.

We take a dinghy ride to the marina store and look out to see if we can....

Find Willie's Tug.

It is quite windy now and we hear on the weather forecast that a front is coming across the northern end of Vancouver Island and heading toward Washington State in the US.

We are glad we are stopped for the night.

We settle in to read our books, but hear a noise outside.  We see a young boy in a dinghy fighting his oars.   We call to him to see if he is OK.  He answers that he is definitely not OK.  His motor won't start, and his oars keep popping out of the oar locks. 

He has attempted to go to the marina store, but the wind is rapidly taking him in the opposite direction and also away from his sailboat.

Herb jumps in Jake's Ferry and motors toward him.  I hear the boy call out to Herb, "Thank you for coming to help me!"  Herb tells him to hang onto him, then tows him to his boat and safely home.  

Later a boat comes in and anchors near us.  We hope he is not too close, as the wind is really swinging us.

......and the boats swing!

As the front moves through the area, the clouds become very interesting subjects.  Another kind of beauty.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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