Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 108 - Anacortes WA - Friday, August 26, 2011

When we leave Fossil Bay this morning, the depth of water under the boat is 2.9 feet.  Not to worry, we have plenty of clearance.  As I am pulling in the fenders I see a 'toy sailboat' that some person with a sense of humor has made.  The hull is a slab of bark, with a stick for a mast, and he has threaded a leaf onto the mast for a sail.  It is floating and sailing.  I smile.

The water is calm as we exit the bay, and we see unusual cloud formations and fog.

Nellie Too takes a different heading to go back home to the west side of Fidalgo Island, and we see her pass us.

It is a beautiful day with the sun shining across the water, which sparkles like diamonds.

Among the diamonds I see a rare gem -- a dolphin!

There are two, but they don't stay up long and do not play along with us as the ones in the Laguna Madre do.

We have an uneventful cruise home to Cap Sante today and happen upon a friend, David McKibben of Guemes Island, who is a coast Guard volunteer for the area.

He tells us of the Workboat Races and Pirate Faire to be held tomorrow in Guemes Channel, so we plan not to miss it.

In his C-Dory, Anna Leigh, he will be one of the monitors of the races.

David McKibben

We learn that friends from home in the Rio Grand Valley have arrived in Anacortes to charter a yacht for a vacation.  

We get a call from them, giving directions to their marina, and Grady meets us to open the security gate.

The vessel is a 57 Symbol, Ocean Spirit, and looking grand!  Grande!

If you look closely, you can see Donna in the fly-bridge waving to us.

Ocean Spirit


When we join her on the fly-bridge, we see below that some seals have come to visit.  

Not one, but two, and they seem to be quite at home as they crawl up on the dock to relax.

We quickly catch up on what has been happening with each of us, and swap stories about our various travels.

The group has traveled together for years, mostly sailing, having been to places such as the Bahamas and Tahiti.  This is their first motor charter, and they plan to cruise the San Juan Islands with David at the helm.

Grady and Michele

Carlota in the Sunset

Herb and David discuss navigation, and David shows him the awesome instrument panel.  

Herb and David

While the guys were getting familiar with Ocean Spirit and her systems, the ladies shopped for provisions for the trip.

Donna tells us of some pork chops she saw in the grocery store.

Now, how big were they?

And how thick did you say?

Grady emphasizes a point in a tale he is telling!

During the evening many stories are told and somewhere along the way I learn that my friend Nancy is a bird watcher.  Did I not ever know that?

It is good to visit with friends from home, and we pray safety for them and wish them fair winds and following seas!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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