Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 83 - Nanaimo, Vancouver Island BC - Monday, August 1, 2011

We did leave at 7 AM.  What an exciting sight to see all the Ranger Tugs leaving one by one.

Janeane relaxes in the cockpit of Zuma as she and Lyman wait for the group. 

 We get to Bedwell Harbour in no time at all, and remain on board while the skippers go up the ramp to the Customs phone to speak to an agent for clearance.

We see the smiles on the faces as each one returns to his boat with the thumbs up sign.  Ready to go when the group is finished.

Uh - oh!!!  Herb is not smiling.  Herb says a Customs agent will come to inspect the boat.  I think we drew the short straw!

In due time all cleared Tugs resume the cruise, and someone stays behind to wait for us.  It seems like an hour goes by before the agents arrive by boat to interview us and examine Willie's Tug, as we wait on the dock.  

They complete their inspection and then appear, smiling, and hand Skipper Herb his very coveted gold piece of paper with his clearance number written on it.  

Herb is smiling.

One of the agents laughs and says, "You can tell your friends that you took it for the team today."  

Apparently, we did get the short straw!

Once underway again we dodge the BC Ferry and head north to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

We get a view of Tym, June and Lincoln on Circle T, which is a 29 ft.  An advantage of this model is the door by the helm.

Our reason for leaving so early is to arrive at Dodd Narrows at slack tide to minimize turbulence.  

With our one hour delay, Herb and I do catch up to the group by traveling 14 knots and get to the Narrows just as slack begins.  

We are fortunate enough to hear a 42 ft. boat call "Securite" for going north, and getting no response for concern, he continues through Dodd Narrows.  We fall in behind him and have a smooth ride through.

We arrive at the dock of the Nanaimo Port Authority and are assisted by its dock personnel.

We notice guests on the marina deck watching us with interest, and we are told that our dinner will be in that area.

Nanaimo is a beautiful town and we enjoy the view of the marina with the many boats -- especially the Ranger Tugs!

We walk to the grocery store to top off our supplies for the days ahead, when shops may not be as easily found.

Herb takes his 'shopping cart' to carry his load.

Find Willie's Tug -- same color hull as Chiquito and on the other side of the dock from her.  The one with the Golden Retriever in the cockpit.

It's Happy Hour!  And snacks!

Lisa's stuffed grape leaves.

I don't know who made this colorful salad for dinner.

We have a short meeting to announce that we will again leave at 7 AM because we have to go the long way to Pender Harbour, and conditions are best early in the day.  

Jeff introduces the host for our grilled salmon and chicken dinner tonight.  They are Dave Turner and crew of Port Boat House in Port Alberni BC.  

Buzzy is enjoying the fellowship.

The chicken!!!

The salmon!!!

The cake!!!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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