Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 106 - Rosario Resort & Spa on Orcas Island WA - Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tym is back!  But we don't see Lincoln!  Tym sends his current guests to meet Jake, and we are introduced to John (his son), Jack, Sarah (partially hidden by the camper back frame) and Lucy.

As we leave Cap Sante Marina today heading for Rosario Resort & Spa on Orcas Island, we get a triple whammy -- or thrill.  I look out to see a ferry and have the feeling that we should not have had time to pass by the Anacortes Ferry Dock just yet.  Then I notice that the ferry is in for repair or service at a shipyard. 

Whew!  She won't move for a while.

Looking ahead now I see two more ferries.  The Guemes ferry has crossed our path going to its Anacortes dock, and a Washington State ferry has left its Anacortes dock farther ahead, and is going to who knows where.

Suffice it to say we are safe at the moment.  I like that they are ahead of me and not behind.  There is no way we would catch up to them at their speed.

Heading toward Orcas, we go around Obstruction Island via Obstruction Pass this time.  The trip is uneventful -- just a bit of confused water as we go through.

A piece of sculpture catches our eye as we near Orcas.

Then we see some birds standing up and are glad they are helping us to see the bit of rock they are on, as it doesn't seem to be clearly marked on the chart or my Navionics.

A float in the approach to Rosario Marina welcomes us and asks for 'no wake.'

After settling into our slip, we walk Jake and explore the beautiful grounds.

Of interest to me are the names on some of the guest houses -- this one is Cypress -- named for one of the San Juans.

Find Willie's Tug.

We plan a full day of activities, beginning with the spa.

The water is a nice hot.

Then time for a cool-down in the exercise pool.  The only life guard on duty is the one in the photograph.

In the late afternoon we are treated to a wonderful organ concert and slide show of some of the history of the Moran Mansion located on the grounds and listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.  

The music medley consists of classical, jazz, pop from the 40s and more.  

There are 2000 pipes (what we see here is a facade) and the sound is awesome!

The commentator has worked for the Mansion for many, many years and tells some humorous stories.   He surprises us by playing the piano after the organ concert.

We learn that Mr. Moran had a ship building business in Seattle, but was diagnosed with a heart condition that would take his life in six months to a couple of years.

He moved to Orcas and built his 'last' project before his death, the mansion, at Rosario.

He lived a long life and determined it was the corporate life that had been stressing him.

After the concert we are invited into the museum and see a photograph enlarger.  Herb reminds me that he used to develop his black and white film.

Our lecturer tells another story about two of the Moran brothers who wanted to retire to Orcas, and the wives were in conflict with each other about whose house would be better than the other.

The husbands resolved it by building identical houses along side each other.

I can't seem to get enough of the scenery.

We stop to watch some children who want to play with the deer feeding on the grounds.  The little girl in the white dress repeatedly runs toward them, then away when she gets near them.

Dinner is in the main dining room of the Moran Mansion Restaurant.

What?  No ice cream?

They found ice cream!

Chandelier in Concert Theater

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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