Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 87 - Laura Cove in Desolation Sound BC - Friday, August 5, 2011

We awake this morning with memories of last night's concert. The rafted boats to our port side played first a Beatles album, then Saturday Night Fever, and lastly, a Chicago album.  They entertained Laura Cove until 8 PM.

Later this morning, we notice as the tide and wind change, the boats move and are restricted only by the stern tie-off and anchor rode.  We begin to see Willie's Tug and Pacific Loon gently coming together really close, and decide that the safest thing to do is to raft up.

Herb heads to the bow to grab the bow line and tie off to Pacific Loon, just as she begins to slowly swing away.

We are really close neighbors now.

As the tide varies, the doggie exercise areas are found in different areas wherever they are most accessible.  How good are you at rock climbing?

Jim finds a different place to take Brandy this morning.

On our first full day at Laura Cove we take a dinghy ride to explore.  First we visit the rope swing to see Ella and Amelia jump.

Now, on to exploring.  We go toward Prideaux Haven and Melanie Cove and see some absolutely gorgeous scenery.

Ahhh, a different kind of beautiful scenery.  She is anchored in the middle of the Prideaux Haven.  

We find a nice rock where we can take Jake ashore, and we bring his orange dummy to play 'fetch.'

After he plays, Jake explores the brush under a tree and decides it is a great place to take a nap.

It takes a bit of coaxing to get him to come out and continue our journey.

Heading back to Laura Cove.

And a view of the rafted boats that provided our music last night.

As we get closer, we see an interesting name on one, Trouble.

Find Willie's Tug.

Clue:  on the left behind the rock wall at rising tide.

In the afternoon we get a surprise visit from fellow Ranger Tug boaters also on the Desolation Sound cruise. Patrick and Gail of That's It have found us.  

Then we are joined by Kim and Karen of Nest Egg.  They anchored in Melanie Cove shortly after our morning tour there.

It is good to see them again.

In late afternoon we enjoy some warm temperatures and decide the family should go for a swim.

Jake is ready!

Herb throws his dummy into the water, and Jake immediately jumps in to retrieve it.

Jake plays for quite a while. As long as Herb throws, he fetches.

Find the wet dog.  

But, then, I am wet, also.  (I swam!)

Find the wet swimsuit.

Brandy returns from his evening trip to shore and wants to visit with Jake.

We visit 'over the back fence' with Jim and Heather, and she shows us quilts she is making for a grandchild.

Beautiful, Heather!  On my bucket list is to learn to quilt.  I am getting more inspired.

We look out just in time to see someone on our shore, and recognize Fergie.  So, if it is Fergie, it must be Allen and Yvonne of Ranger Tug Stout.  

We call to them, and determine it is indeed our Tug friends, also anchored in Melanie Cove.

At the end of the day we are delighted to hear a neighbor from the rafted vessels playing bagpipes.

There is silence everywhere in the cove as we all listen to this talented artist.

Kayakers are heading to their boats.  

As he finishes his serenade, we hear someone shout a request for "Amazing Grace."

He accommodates him, and it is truly amazing!

Amazing Grace

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake

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