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Willie Survives the Hike -- Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What could be better in the morning than to wake to the aroma of a steaming cup of coffee?  It is the sweet song of the eagle.  "Oh, I hear my eagle!  I must find him!  Where, oh where?  Now I see him, but I must get the zoom lens on the camera because he is too far away."

Well, Linda, this doesn't help to see him more clearly, but I thank him for his early morning serenade.

One of the wonderful things about Blake Island is the number of walking trails; some are difficult (for me) and there may be one that is not so challenging.  Two of my favorites are the Blue Trail and the Cross Island Trail.  Favorite because there are moments when I say, "Why did I come this way?"  However, I do survive the walks, and choose another path for the afternoon walk.  Ah, this one seems quite level, so I should be fine.

There is a sign with a map of all trails at the head of the dock, so it is easy to decide which way to do.  What it does not tell you is which one has the fallen tree with a diameter of five feet that we can not go over or under, so when we get there, we laugh and turn around to find another trail.

It is quite a pleasant trip to walk near the shore -- less steep -- and here we find the campground with beautiful driftwood of many interesting shapes.  There is a view of Kitsap Peninsula behind me.

Continuing on around the curve of the island we come upon a container that at first glance I wonder if it is a trash receptacle with a bear-proof handle for opening.  Then we realize there should not be any bears here, but tons of raccoons!  It is for campers to store their food for safe keeping.

Did I say this trail is level?  Well, yes, in some places.  There is quite a steep hill here, and I do manage to climb it!  Slowly, so it gives me time to enjoy the gorgeous forest green ferns and bushes lining the path.

Where are my Xtratuf boots?  I have on my Nike's with the white soles, and they will not be white when I get back to the boat.  This puddle goes all across the trail, so Herb chooses the driest side.  When our Golden Retriever, Doctor Jake, was alive he would have loved this puddle for two reasons -- to get a drink of water and maybe to lie down in for cooling off.

We hear voices coming toward us and are delighted to see a beautiful malamute dog that reminds us of Brenna's Lilly, that we fondly named Woo Woo.  She is walked by Donna and Pricilla.  This is the third try of the camera to get her to look into the lens.  She keeps looking back at her owner, so Donna holds her, Herb tells her to look at the camera, and Pricilla stands by me to get her attention forward.  

Flower photo of the day.

As we return to the dock, I can't resist taking a photo of the mural on the building.

How lucky can we get?  We had told Bruce and Vicki that we would 'save' them a place near us in the marina, and when they arrive, the space is available.

Find MoonShadow forward of Willie's Tug....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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