Monday, June 26, 2017

Discoveries onThe Walk Down Blind Bay Road -- Sunday, June 25, 2017

The little grocery store on Shaw Island allows dinghies to tie up to their marina dock, only if they are patrons of the store.  Makes sense! 

So in order for us to take a walk along Blind Bay Road, we must dinghy over to Shaw, but we cannot tie up on the beach today because the it is low tide and the painter will not be safe around a rock – even a distant rock – if the tide comes back in before we return from the walk.

A long walk is out of the question.

Herb talks to the marina owner, who knows we purchased groceries yesterday, and he gives permission for us to tie up for a couple of hours at his marina, on Harney Channel.  Nice guy that Herb is, he chooses a place at the shallow end of the dock, where no boats could go, thereby not taking up room where a paying boat could be.

We have our backpacks and water bottles, but we see some tasty looking vitamin water and buy a couple for the walk. I choose orange and Herb gets pink grapefruit.  My, they are refreshing as we sip along while we walk.

I don’t know if these are native wild flowers or if they have been planted by residents owning land along the road, but I love the deep rose colors of the blossoms scattered among the tall grass.  Near the edges of the photo are iron markers, one holding a rope strung across a private driveway.

Locals have placed some interesting looking driftwood in an area we see farther down the road.  I think this one is a goose.  I look closely at the base to see they have been planted in the ground.

Could this represent a bear’s head?

Oh, how funny!  This must be Shaw Island’s answer to Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park!

Almost one hour into our walk, we see a very high hill ahead and do not think we will have time to walk up, before we must turn around to begin our return to the dinghy, so we stop again to rest and enjoy the scenery.

If we had more time, it would be fun to explore the side street, where we see the Community Center and Fire Department.  However, we are content just to read the signs.

For the dinghy ride from Willie’s Tug to shore, I had put my phone in my waterproof boat purse.  It has a clear plastic face to cover the phone and I am able to use the phone while it is inside, the same as if it were simply held in my hand.  Suddenly I have an idea to see if I can turn its camera to selfie mode and take a photo.  I aim at something and shoot!

Yes!  It works!  I have a photo of trees and sky.  Hmmm….but how would one frame a subject?  I’ll need to work on that one.  I might need to call Mr. Yugo, who is the maker of the purse.  Or get my friend Vicki called to action.

Passing by the middle of the U-shape of the bay, we must take a photo toward Harney Channel.  

Find Willie's Tug....

Willie's Tug is a tiny dot to the right of my hat.

Herb spies a tree we did not see on our way up this hill.  Perhaps we were sipping our vitamin water.  How could we have missed it?  It almost jumps out at us, inviting us to admire.   This madrone, or arbutus, tree has been given a full measure of coloring -- deep maroons, reds, beiges, browns and we spend a few minutes with it.  And getting some Vitamin N.

We are almost back to the grocery store and marina when I see how steep the road was that we came up.

Becoming store patrons again, we get a few fresh items of produce and tell the clerk how much we enjoyed the vitamin water. Manning the cash register today is Terri, co-owner, who tells us they expect soon to get the permit for a remodel of the marina.  I hope so, as the wooden ramp at low tide is hard to negotiate. Asphalt roofing shingles are screwed to its floor, and if I step on the metal, my foot tries to slip.  I hold to the wooden rail carefully, so as not to come away with a splinter.

We see the posted sign announcing the upgrading, which will include a sewage pump-out station.  We hope that happens over the winter season.

Find Jake’s Ferry, seen through a window screen of the store….(look for white rectangle at end of dock appearing to be near the flowers in the window box.) What Herb likes about tying there is being able to cruise under the ferry dock, instead of going around it.

The cool breeze blowing across our faces on the ride back to the boat is very refreshing after our exercise in yet another hot Washington summer day! 

Life is good.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, June 25, 2017

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