Friday, June 23, 2017

Where we Are, and Where we Went -- Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Peace.  What is peace?  Looking out the window of Willie’s Tug to see the American Tug, Tahoma, on a mooring buoy that floats on the sea as smooth as glass.  It is partly sunny and the small puffs of clouds dot the blue sky.

Peace is also leisurely enjoying the morning as we watch boats come and go.  Excitement is seeing a very long one come in and I grab the binoculars to see the name.  It is San Juan Cruises, probably from Friday Harbor WA.

Yep, she is long.  There is no room at the dock, but she slowly spins around to position her stern and boarding gate at the dock.

The time being just after 12 Noon, I suppose the passengers have had lunch and now are going to explore the island.

Herb and I are about to take our first walk of the day and will probably meet some of them along the way. Herb reminds me that we are so close to Canada and some of our photos show the country in the background.  The mountains in the one below are in British Columbia.

My guess there are over fifty senior citizens from the tour boat that are on the same trail with us.  From time to time we hear the tour guide explaining what they are seeing.  Also interesting is that there is a couple of young men from the boat that walk behind the group, and we imagine they keep count of all.

Ours is not a fast walk, as we stop many times to photograph scenes that interest us.  Driftwood! And more driftwood!

After stopping at our favorite spot to get Internet, we walk a bit farther to Fox Cove Point.  We know conservation is at work by the sign warning not to go farther, as conditions are unsafe and proceeding would cause erosion of the cliff.

Stopping to admire the driftwood on the beach, we notice a log that has been carved.  Hmmm…for a raft?  A log house?

Sucia is a big enough island to have many different kinds of flowers and I am lucky to find this white one for my ‘flower photo of the day!’

Two hours is spent enjoying the island, and it is now time for the seniors to return to Friday Harbor.  As the tour boat again backs up to the dock, we hear a loud clang and think, “Oh, no!” 
Then we realize it is the sound of the loading ramp being deployed.

Herb and I stop back at the Interpretive Panel to get a better photo of the map of Sucia.  Less reflection at this time of day.

Willie’s Tug is in Fossil Bay, shown near the bottom of the map.   All the way to the head of the bay right by a red square a short line is seen, and represents the dock where we tied.

Moving from there to the left we see the trail we take to get Internet, identified by the #2.  The end of the road picture was taken to the left of there, at the point of land.

We have only begun to explore Sucia Island Marine Park, but rules say we can stay only three consecutive nights, then be gone at least 24 hours, to allow others to come.   We will return another day.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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