Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real Salt Spring Island - 9/17/2012

Patrick and Gail suggest we take a drive around Salt Spring Island to see more than we usually see from Ganges Marina.  Gail gives us a map and says it will take about an hour.

We jump into Sapphire, and off we go!

There are so many peninsulas, coves, inlets, lakes and road -- we don't know where to go first.  We head north and find two-lane roads, with not much highway right of way on which to pull over to take a photo.  That doesn't stop me, though, and we enjoy the loveliness of the wooded area, pastures and farmland.  

It is magical to see Trincomali Channel from land.

Perhaps our ancestors came this way before settling in the US, for we see a street named after us.

And the Herb Farm.

Near Southey Point are two young men standing on the side of the road by some pots of fresh flowers, and our hearts are sad for what happened here last night.

Continuing south we find more beauty, fall colors, and a beach with ducks swimming and sunning themselves.  

St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church peeks out from the trees on Fulford Harbour.

The 'honor system' reigns along the road with booths by almost every driveway to sell the fruits and vegetables grown within, fresh eggs, as well as crafts.  A basket is placed for collection of the loonies.

There are no attendants.  Most stands are small and do not have room for cars to park (and take photos.)  One had only a few squash and a cucumber left to purchase.

We see quite a few people walking the road, and a few on bicycles.   On Fulford-Ganges Road a majestic mountain appears in front of us -- so quickly I did not have time to grab the camera.  It is awesome!

Hills and curves, we drive and drive, drinking in the scenery.

There is even a turkey farm.  No fences, they birds know who feeds them.

As we drive back through the city center of Ganges, we have a good feeling, and everything seems so familiar,  even though we have visited here only in the past two years.  Nice.

Do I count three ferry docks?  The island itself is striated, and there is access from the water on three sides.  We are glad for this opportunity to see more than a marina.

Where has the time gone!  Not one hour, Gail, but three!  We must hurry now, as we are invited to the home of Dave and Joanna on Scott Point for dinner with the other Ranger Tuggers from the Island.

Jake is invited and he and the two Westies play a bit.  Fergus of Rocinante is more reserved, and Angus of Bella (being just a puppy) delights in getting Jake's attention.  We laugh and laugh.

Angus Peeks Through

Jake Reaches for a Bear Hug

On the deck for Happy Hour, I see Bella at her dock below.  


Dinner is on the grill and side dishes are prepared inside.

Dave, Herb and Kim

Karen's Salad

Joanna, Yvonne and Karen

Dave, Allan and Herb

Gail and Kim

Dessert comes with entertainment, as Jake puts his 'arms' around Angus, and gets a kiss. 

The Kiss

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, September 17, 2012

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