Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home to Anacortes - 9/11/2012

We say Goodbye for now to Russ and Toni, and head for Anacortes this morning.  It is time to get back to regroup and plan where we should go next.


The skies are sunny and the winds are predicted to be 5 to 15 with wind waves of one to two.  Nice day for a boat ride.

We go north through Agate Passage with a 3.5 knot current on the nose.

Watching closely, we see a float plane off our port side preparing for takeoff, then circling and heading to the south of us.

Ah, now as we cruise along we see the Seattle skyline (and Bruce and Vicki's window) far in the distance.

The boat engaged in fishing appears to be very engaged in bringing a catch on board.  

We are always excited to see the ferries, and today the fourth one comes close enough that we are ready to alter course, if necessary.   She is Spokane and is going into the Kingston dock.


Now we are very excited to see the Adventuress, a historic 133 ft. schooner involved in sail training and education.   She is one mile away, and we hear her call Seattle Traffic to cross the shipping lanes near Point No Point.


Point No Point

AIS shows us Thea Foss, and I wonder if she is a tour boat.

Thea Foss

We cross the southbound lanes south of the yellow buoy, and astern of Katherine Jane pleasure boat, who is going toward Double Bluff on Whidbey Island, while Seoul Express continues in the southbound lane.  

Seoul Express

The waters are fairly calm with nice swells in Admiralty Inlet, but otherwise smooth near Bush Point.  We encounter confused water between Lagoon Point and Marrowstone Island, with rips near Port Townsend.

Matthew Perry, a military ship, goes into Port Townsend, but we are not shown any more information on her.  I am impressed with her size and appearance, and wonder about her mission.

Matthew Perry

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, September 11, 2012


  1. Willie, would you believe that Thea Foss is regularly moored in our marina on Lake Union. That's her home port most of the year, along with her sister ship Malibu. She is owned by Foss Corporation (as in the Tugs) and is used to take people out on cruises year round. She was designed by well-known shipbuilder Ted Geary. I hope to cruise on her some day.


  2. Thanks, Marcus, for those comments on Thea Foss. The name reminded me of the tugs, but this was definitely not one. I love her appearance. With her as a neighbor I bet you can get some great pix. Take your cruise and write about it!