Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday Night Lively - 9/8/2012

Day breaks, coffee is served under the tent; once again the breakfast buffet is set up, and today contains some new dishes.

Gloria and her brother Lonnie greet Bruce, as they enjoy the fare.  Gloria tells me why her new R-31 is named Thank You Girl.  It seems that her previous Ranger Tug was given the name of Mvto Hokte, from her Creek language, but when the Coast Guard once radioed her to identify and misunderstand, she decided it would be helpful to name the new boat the English translation.

The Garmin people have a filled room for the seminar on their chart plotter.  John sets up his laptop to project onto the screen.

Lloyd and Nancy

Vendors stay busy showing their products -- and selling also!  Rich and Shirley get a demonstration on how to fold his crab pot.

Anne makes some notes at her booth with the Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, and I hope she is planning Puget Sound.  We may have to buy a new San Juan guide, as we have worn it out, or maybe we should go to points shown in the Broughtons guide...........

Cleaning products - 

Salt Away

I can't wait to use mine!

Nita has towels and log books.

Linda has blouses, scarves and Tamari balls.

Kathy has burgees and window flower vases.

Bob shows the anchor retrieval system he makes, and tells of rescuing his and Cascadia's anchors from a rocky bottom in Desolation Sound.  

Always a highlight of the Rendezvous is the Veggie Race, with Lyman as emcee.  Jorge makes his car with a broccoli hood ornament.

Celtic Sun is quite colorful, and would you look at that detail!

Celtic Sun

Diana cheers her entry, Sunrise.

Uh, oh, Celtic Sun stalls momentarily,

                                     then continues, as Zuma prepares to go.

Zuma is off and running!

Hurrah!  They both make it down the ramp intact!

Volvo Penta,  the pace car, points out a rough spot on the track that could possibly impede his progress.  Look closely to see the car.

He runs against Jorge's Tradition.

Oops, I guess they both hit a rough spot.

Tradition crosses the finish line in good condition,

     while Volvo Penta loses a few parts.

Cars that are repairable in the time of a pit stop, get to continue in the race.

Cindy's Celtic Sun is declared first place winner, and she plans to put her airplane on the bow of her Ranger Tug.


Karen of Nest Egg gets a nice compass to aid her navigation.


A very special time of day is Happy Hour with its many delicious appetizers and snacks.  This colorful dip is made by Debbie of Pelican, and is a favorite, as evidenced by the empty plate, photographed later.

Debbie and Mark

Kathy has all the fixings for a great drink, which she shares with everyone.

Diana visits with Dave, but he likes to say he is getting beat up by the ladies!

I count the number of Ranger Tugs attending the Rendezvous, and think it is around 50 or 60; it is good to visit with people we have met in years past, and meet this year's new owners.  

Colleen and Jim Wilson will have a new R-27 named Down Stream; Rick and Becky Johnson of Port Orchard will have a new R-29 named Y-Knot; and Kathy and Gregg Dohrer of Justin TX will take delivery of their new R-25 in the Spring.

Jim and Colleen 

Rick and Becky

Kathy and Gregg

The Factory hosts a great dinner of grilled chicken and salmon, complemented by fruit and salads.  Or was it the night before, and Volvo Penta tonight?  :)

After dinner,Patrick takes the mike to introduce Jeff and John from the Factory, and thank each one of the committee members who helped to organize and execute the plans for the events of the weekend.  I was not quick enough to get a photo of all who helped.


June (and Herb)

Eileen and Jay

Bob (and Nita)

Bruce and Vicki

.....and Kathy

JoAnn and Dave

Andrew and Carleen are surprised to be presented with a Money Wreath, as a gift from Ranger Tug owners in celebration of their recent marriage.  Andrew was heard to say that he would never see a penny of it!  Carleen must know how to shop.  

Andrew and Carleen
The fun just keeps going and going.  Jeff hands out certificates to document all who went on the 2012 Desolation Sound trip, and calls out numbers from the door prize tickets.  Everyone wins a prize!  Mine is a portable GPS and I will tell Herb it is MY toy!!!



The Money Wreath

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, September 8, 2012