Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Festivities on the Weekend - 9/1/2012

Today we have an unobstructed view to the north and watch as a seaplane comes in for a landing beyond the kayak.

We take a walk about town in search of Internet, and enjoy the tulips in the small vendor marketplace.

At Starbucks we catch up on all the news, play on fb, and allow Jake his much needed rest.

He positions himself on the sidewalk where he will get lots of petting!

He also pays no attention to the animal displays attracting attention to the shops, and tells us he can't relate to them.

The hills are alive with people on holiday enjoying the musical entertainment at the waterfront.  

There is much dancing in front of the bandstand.

Find Willie's Tug........ 

Janeane and Lyman's Boomer comes to visit, and Jake invites him to dinner.

At one point, both dogs' noses are in the food bowl.  Janeane calls Boomer to come, and he turns to say, "Who me?"

Happy Hour is aboard Destiny on the fly bridge.

Herb and Maureen

The Moon and the Sun

We move inside to warmer temps for cherry pie, and David demonstrates his remote controlled helicopter.

He makes a safe landing!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, September 1, 2012


  1. Well, you have left Victoria, clearly, and I have not yet figured out where the latest landing is:-)

    At first I thought perhaps La Conner, but that contradicts my thought that David and Maureen were headed north. So, even though rumor has it that you are in Seattle, the photos say no...

    Where oh where is Willie's Tug?


  2. Find Willie's Tug!

    She is in Seattle; I'm a bit behind in writing, but we made it to Shilshole, then over to Bell Harbor yesterday. We head for Bremerton tomorrow with Moondance, Tradition and That's It.

    Destiny and Zuma went to Bedwell, but Zuma will come to Bremerton. See you there!