Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ah, Seattle and Bell Harbor - 9/3/2012

Willie's Tug takes a well earned rest, and her crew enjoys some downtime at Shilshole Marina.  

Visions of Pike Place Market begin to urge Herb and me (mostly me) to cruise around the corner to Bell Harbor Marina today.  We cast off a bit after noon, just in time to be ahead of -- then among -- boaters coming out of the Ballard Locks.  It gets crowded.  One boat appears to be late for an appointment, as she blasts past us.

Adding interest to the mix is a limb with green leaves, recently broken from her tree, or perhaps still attached to a submerged trunk, and we pass with care.

Ah, Seattle!  We arrive!

We cruise into our slip at Bell Harbor with a view of the new Ferris Wheel and Seahawks Stadium.

Find Willie's Tug...........

It is no surprise that Ranger Tugs always catch our eye, and on another dock  we see Solitude, who was previously owned by David and Maureen.  

Having coming from Canada with no fresh fruits and vegetables, we are eager to stroll through Pike Place Market to replenish.  I select the perfect banana, a peach, limes, and cherries, while Herb gets the vegetables.

We visit vendor after vendor, and oh, the flowers!  No photos here, as the crowds of shoppers need to move along.  Yes, crowds.  Labor Day.  What was I thinking!  But so much fun.

Walking back with our purchases, I enjoy seeing the red umbrella at the intersection.  There must be a story here.

Jake on his tether welcomes us back, and we take some time to view our surroundings.

Willie's Tug Burgee

My reputation must precede me, as when I look out the galley window, I see the recycle bins -- very close.  No need to search!

A look behind us reveals Tradition, and we visit for a time with Marcus and Jorge.

Hmmm, the group is beginning to come together again!

Ranger Tug Tradition

Night falls, and we take Jake for his evening walk.

It is a long walk, because that is how far the ice cream shop is.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, August 3, 2012


  1. Great Pictures. We love Bell Harbor. PTYC has a cruise there early in December every year for dining, theater going and of course Christmas Shopping! Such great fun. See you in Bremerton. Cindy and Gerry

  2. Sounds like a great time to be there -- you are making me jealous!