Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reid Harbor, No Room at the Dock - 9/12-14/2012

Back in our home port we get the 500 hour service on Willie's Tug's engine, and Herb installs a new transducer for the depth finder.  We take a cruise to see how things work -- well, partly, but also we just want to 'be on the water' again!

Leaving Cap Sante, we go between Cypress and Blakely to take advantage of the current push, in calm waters with a few tide rips here and there.  

As we get near Peavine Pass, I see two dolphins surfacing only their fins, and assuming they will only do this twice, I do not grab the camera, but sit quietly to enjoy them.  Today they delight me not just twice, but six times!  Sweet!

Oh, and the depth finder works.  We are able to know how much water is under us at all times.

We hope to get into Jones Island State Park, now that the Summer season is over and there may not be as many boaters out.  Wrong!  It is the weekend.  The dock is full, the mooring balls are taken, and the anchorage area is crowded.  

OK, so we head for Stuart Island and turn our WiFi off so we don't get Canada roaming charges.   We know there will be lots of room to anchor at Reid Harbor, but why not try for a space at the dock.   Jake's Ferry could stay at the swim platform.  

We cruise into the inlet to Reid Harbor.

Find Willie's Tug ....

Willie's Tug is not there.  There is room at the dock -- but only if the power boat would move forward a bit.  Perhaps someone is saving a space for a friend.

So it is time to catch a mooring ball, and we do see several available.  What luck!

Herb takes Jake ashore, while I make our nest.

At Happy Hour, Jake gets his treats.  He sits patiently as he anticipates the reward for his manners.

Now you see it,

Now you don't!

We are actually glad we are out in the middle of the water, as we have better views of the gorgeous scenery.  I can't get enough of this.

The sun dips behind the treeline, and we have a wonderful sleep tonight.

The only sounds we hear are the birds calling to each other in the distance.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday - Friday, September 12 - 14, 2012


  1. You do such a wonderful job of reminding us where we've been, and inspiring us to go places we haven't. Always good to share the water with you.

  2. Hi Willie we were at Reid Harbor over the 4th it is a beautiful spot! Cindy and Gerry Celtic Sun We are in Kingston on our way to Olympia the weather is fantastic for boating!

    1. Next year we will do South Sound. There is so much in this area, and it just keeps on giving!