Saturday, September 22, 2012

Enjoying Sidney and a Taste of Home - 9/19/2012

Port Sidney Marina

On our early morning walk with Jake, we get to enjoy the many sculptures in the garden of The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, and are amused at the fresh flowers someone has put into the hands of the fisherman, who is busy baiting his hook.

Perhaps they came from the pile of discarded flowers and will delight the guests one more time.

In the upper left above, you will see the whimsical Bottle Tree, also pictured below.

Sidney is full of happy people.

In the lobby of the hotel, we greet Dave, the hotel mascot, whose bed and water dish are at the right of the photo.  We met him last year, and are so glad to see he is still around.

His vest says, "Please do not feed me.  I am on a special diet."  (There needs to be a guard at the buffet tables in the hall when a seminar is in progress in a meeting room.)   Dave doesn't move very fast, but his nose is table height.

Later, we stroll down Beacon Avenue in search of a restaurant for lunch.  The Mexican sign catches our eye and we can't remember when we last had Mexican food.  We go in.

Everything on the menu looks good, but today I can't pass up the chicken quesadillas.  Muy queso y muy pollo!  Herb has camarones picantes.  From the looks of his empty dishes, he must think it is muy bien!

Carlos Cantina

Herb first gets a Corona and his thumb indicates approval, as well as the European way of ordering.

Una Cerveza Por Favor

Victor, the owner, visits with us and takes another photo.

Herb y Willie

Several guests come in, one couple at a time, and Herb and I enjoy eavesdropping on their conversations.  Victor asks them if this is a special occasion today, and one lady tells him she is celebrating the fact that she woke up this morning on top of the grass, not below.   The laughter from the group is contagious.  

We learn they are from Vancouver and Alberta, and have traveled to Aransas Pass, Texas, and Arizona for their winters.  We invite them to South Padre Island this year.

They are agreeable to having a photo, and Victor hurries to put on his hat!  I tell them we have decided this is our favorite restaurant in Sidney -- the food is good, and it gives us a chance to practice our Espanol.  

Victor shares that he is from Argentina, found his way here, saw a restaurant for sale and bought it!  He named it Carlos Cantina, in honor of his son.  We will return to this pleasant place. 

The afternoon exercise finds a new animal for me.  I don't think I have ever seen a weasel before today.  The link shows a drawing; my photo shows him hiding in the rocks of the breakwater.

Cute Weasel

Jake meets new friends.  One of them is a Golden Retriever.

Which Twin is Jake?

The last stop is the Fish Market on the breakwater, which was not open last Summer, but we are in luck today.  Smelly, yes, but lots of good fish is available to buy.  We choose the salmon for tonight's dinner. Back in the boat,  Herb works his magic with the salmon steaks and I prepare the sides.  Yum!


I think the rockfish are looking at me.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  1. Hi Willie and Herb, Great pictures! We are presently in Gig Harbor, Bremerton tomorrow then Poulsbo and finally home on Tuesday. If you are heading to Port Townsend be sure to give us a call and we will hook up! Best, Cindy and Gerry "Celtic Sun"

  2. Hi Cindy and Gerry,

    So glad you are still enjoying the water. We have just one more week here, so are getting some chores done to haul out next Sunday, so I think Port Townsend will be for next year. We also are looking forward to Gig Harbor and South Sound.

    It will be good to see both of you again!!! ...and thanks for staying in touch,