Monday, September 17, 2012

Chance Meetings - 9/15/2012

Herb relaxes at the picnic bench on Reid Harbor dock and finishes his coffee, while Jake searches for broken shells to eat.

He is joined by Don of the wooden boat Hannah from Friday Harbor, who brings Abigail ashore for her morning walk.

As peaceful as it is here, we untie from the mooring ball and head for the weekend's ultimate destination of Friday Harbor. 

I have the helm as Herb retrieves our bow line, then I thread my way through the boats anchored nearer the entrance to the cove and continue past the north side of Spieden Island into the San Juan Channel.

No auto pilot here, as I am getting more experience on keeping my course.  Herb gets a text from Gail on That's It telling us that she and Patrick are going to Friday Harbor today, also.  How lucky can we get!

As we get closer, we call on 72 for their ETA and learn they are a few minutes ahead of us.  Patrick gets two slip assignments together on H Dock, and we are set.

I give the wheel to Herb and take a photo of Mt. Baker.  She is so beautiful with the snow caps.

As we cruise down the fairway to our slip, we wave to Charlie and Melle Lee of Idaho, who are here on their Cape Cruiser.  We have a nice visit with them at Happy Hour.

The conversation turns to where everyone is going in Canada tomorrow.  Oh, maybe we, also, should go back to Canada ....  Let's think about that.

Find Willie's Tug and That's It ....

Patrick gets Jake's attention,

         and Jake anticipates getting a treat!

Dinner tonight is not only delicious, but fun!!!

Dungeness Mac & Cheese, Is that Legal?

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, September 15, 2012

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