Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fossil Bay, Sucia Island, San Juans, WA - 7/8/2012

Our plan for the week is to show Vicki a sample of our experiences in the different islands of the San Juan Islands, starting with remote areas that are state parks with no electricity and possibly no dock space.  We would either anchor out or catch a mooring ball, and dinghy to shore.

Sucia Island is our first destination, and is located to the north, 'near' the Canadian border of the waters.  Well, there is space at the dock today, so why not take the easy way out!

Neighbors are friendly and there are lotsa kids on the dock running back and forth up the ramp for hiking or exploring.  

Jake gets his quota of petting today.

We hear a soft bark of a small dog and can't locate her, until her owners return to their boat with the puppies -- beautiful Papillons.  The mother, who has been barking, is in the boat in her bed, because she is deaf and would not enjoy the hike.

Some young ladies walk by with nets and buckets, and one has a star fish that she found.  She tells us that there is another one attached to the dock.

Maybe she will feed it, or return it to the sea......

We have a leisurely day relaxing, walking a bit, reading The Curve of Time, Cat on a Leash (by our friend Jim Bathurst), and Following the Curve of Time.  The Curve of Time books are about a lady's trip through Desolation Sound in the 1920s, and we are enjoying reading them prior to our next cruise there.  We see campers on the hill cooking their evening meal.

Vicki and Jake do a bit of exploring, but when she sees a snake that she almost steps on, she decides to spend more time on the dock.  She thinks looking for the star fish is safer!!!

Where's the Star Fish?

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, July 8, 2012

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