Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ganges, Salt Spring Island, Canada - 7/27/2012

While having our coffee early this morning, we see Nudibranch come into Bedwell Harbour to clear customs.  They tie to the dock and Ray goes to the customs phone.  We notice a bit later that Nudibranch is still at the dock.  We begin to worry and wonder if this Ranger Tug will be the one to take the bullet for the group this year, having to wait for a boarding before clearing.  (Last year it was Willie's Tug.)

We are very relieved to learn from Ray as he passes us, that he is cleared, but the office was not open when he first called.  We'll see you in Ganges!

Word has it that Lincoln has some special talents, one of which is washing windshields.  Herb asks him for a demonstration, and we  are very pleased with a clear vision!

Soon we say Goodbye to Poets Cove and begin our cruise to Ganges.  Today's the Day!

As we leave, we see Anne on Cascadia come in for customs clearance and Herb radios her that we will be on Channel 68.

Rounding Wallace Point

I love the mountains in the Gulf Islands of Canada.  The straight up cliffs!  The sandstone.  Bruce, June and Waggoner's Guide tell us that the Gulf Islands are Canada's answer to the United States' San Juan Islands, but different.  The San Juans are tops of mountains, but the Gulf are different geology, made of sandstone that has been folded and uplifted until it sticks out of the sea.  Beautiful!

As yesterday, our convoy to Ganges consists of Willie's Tug, Moondance, Circle T, Peregrino, and today we pick up Fred and Bernie Day of Day Dreamer III.  The weather is beautifully sunny and we see slight swells as we turn north in Swanson Channel.

Oh, my!  The swells quickly become chop and four to six foot seas.  We 'ride 'em cowboy!'

The chop now hits our beam and we roll and bounce.  Ah, Ranger Tug, we just tug, tug, along.  

Lincoln is heard to say he likes the wave action, but Marmie June requests  the lead skipper find smoother water.  Herb responds that he will in about thirty minutes.

Sadly, we hear a distress call to the Coast Guard from a 42 foot gray power boat who has lost steerage.  He has just come out of Bedwell Harbour heading for Sidney and is using his anchors to help steer.

I am impressed by the routine safety questions the lady at the CG station asks him, then tells him to move the microphone away from his mouth a bit so she can better understand him.  He appears to be in a panic over his situation.  He does calm down, and tells her he has no GPS on board, so can't give his position, other than to say he sees a big ship heading toward the States near Bedwell Harbour.

We look around to see if the boat is near us; however, none of the Ranger Tugs in our group have a visual on her.

The Coast Guard will arrange for a tow for the boat in distress.

As we continue our trip we experience more tossing in the lumpy waters.  I look behind to see Moon Dance bouncing and would like a photo of her, but dare not go into the cockpit -- even with a lifejacket -- in these conditions.

I open a window, hold the camera out and point, hoping I get something.  I try three times and amazingly do get the camera aimed at her for a photo in focus.  

Moon Dance

Some brave people are out in a small boat in this weather.  They pass a cove to tuck into, but keep going.  

Long Stairway

As we clear North Pender Island, the seas slow down a bit.  We see three BC ferries, and all either go behind or away from us.  Good!  

Nearing Ganges Marina, we call Patrick of That's It on Channel 10 to direct us into our assigned place on the dock.  There are already twelve Ranger Tugs tied to our reserved docks and looking good!  

There is plenty of help to get our lines.

Mayor of the Dock, Bob

Find Willie's Tug.............

Happy Hour begins at Happy Hour Time and there are too many hors d'oeuvres  to fit on the picnic table, so many are placed on the bench seats and individual tables.

Patrick of That's It (and of Ganges) welcomes everyone -- he has done so many things to make this a pleasant stay, including providing WiFi for us for the whole Desolation Sound cruise.  We just need to be within a mile of him to receive.


Using a crab claw for a pick

Tym, Buzzy, June, Lincoln

Max, Diana, Donna

Willie and Fred

Jeff shows how it went!

Camera Gone Wild

Today is Jeff's birthday, and Fred plays and leads the song to honor him.

Fred, Nita, Bob, Jack, Jeff - Happy Birthday
Maisy has a similar musical instrument.

Maisy and Fred

Herb and I are delighted to meet Vicki and Garry Anderson of Amy Marie, and learn they are neighbors of our good friends Pat and Patty Anderson, Snoqualmie C-Dory boaters.

Vicki and Garry

I don't get a chance to meet and visit with everyone today, but there's tomorrow....

Moondance, Willie's Tug

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, July 27, 2012


  1. Love the blog Willie. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Give a big hello to Moondance from their family in Michigan.

  2. Will do. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Good morning. Your blog was shared by Moondance sister and mom. Thanks for the show!

    1. They are happy to hear from you!