Monday, July 30, 2012

Nanaimo and Dodd Narrows - 7/29/2012

We divide into three groups to take advantage of our window for going through Dodd Narrows just south of Nanaimo as close to slack as possible.

Messmerized will lead the fast group; Shiraz Trader, the second; and That's It will lead the last group.

We stage by the sailing club to collect our groups.  

Oh, I'm loving this.......

In Group 2, Andrew at the helm of Shiraz Trader is leading, with Herb on Willie's Tug bringing up the rear.

In Trincomali Channel we have a little chop on the water, but a comfortable ride.  

A commercial vessel, Tern, enters the channel, and leaders communicate with their groups about how to overtake or cross her path.

We also watch for kayaks among us.

Now the excitement begins.  We (Group 2) approach Dodd Narrows, and Willie's Tug makes her way to the front to lead the convoy through.  Herb calls Securite,' alerting any southbound traffic that we will come through northbound.  He gets an all clear response, and we continue through at a current of about three knots.

As we approach the entrance, a fast boat comes out at a high rate of speed and overtakes another -- which just happens to be a patrol boat!  Not good.  He is pulled over.

We are glad we were not in the Narrows when this boat blasted through.

There are many spectators on the shore watching and taking pictures.  I am sure it is quite a show at high tide.

We look back to see our group come through.

I can see Nanaimo now.

What a surprise we have just as we tie up to the dock in Nanaimo Marina!  Pat and Patty!  Our C-Dory friends from Snoqualmie and Fall City!  They and Jan and Stacy from Seattle are returning south after a C-Dory Gathering, and we are so excited to catch up with them again, after a couple of misses this Summer.

They tie their dinghys to our boat and make their way along the docks to visit other TugNut friends.  Pat gives Jake a hug, and shows a little fellow he is friendly.

Happy Hour is on the upper deck of the Marina office.

Dinner is BBQ chicken and salmon, sponsored by Port Boat House, Cutwater dealer on Vancouver Island.  

Find Willie's Tug.

Lincoln gets his fishing gear after dinner.  Is he just checking it out, or getting ready to catch another big one?

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, July 29, 2012


  1. Hi, we say the group go in as we where head to tie up at the dinghy dock pub just acros the water. Hope you are having agood time.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the comment. It is just great to run into friends -- even at a distance! Good to hear from you.