Friday, July 20, 2012

Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island - 7/18/2012

It is time to explore the San Juans a little more and see what else is here to enjoy.  Perusing the "Dreamspeaker" and "Waggoner,"  we think Indian Cove on the southern side of Shaw Island looks like a nice place, so off we go.  

We always like seeing beautiful sailboats sailing!

We find ample room to anchor in Indian Cove, but remember that we passed several ferries that come by here in Upright Channel.  Hmmm, how much rocking will we get at night?

Skipper makes the decision to go to our second location, Fisherman Bay on the eastern side of Lopez Island.  It appears to be a very secluded cove.

The travel books warn of shallow water and staying carefully within the markers. We are at a plus 4 or 5 tide, and with our draft, do not have a problem threading our way into the Bay.  

We read that No. 8 red is the worrisome one, so make a note to watch that one on the way out.

Once we are in, we find a not-too-crowded spot to anchor.  Piece-a cake with the new anchor.  Herb hooks us from the helm seat; I don't even go outside, except to snug off the line.

After lunch we attempt to take a nap, but a thundering sound close by gets our attention.  

Apparently, it is rush hour with floatplanes, as we have one landing nearby and one taking off on the other side of us.

These pilots are good; they don't hit us!

Are we in the flight path?  We look around again to see other boats and mooring buoys in the same vicinity with us.  OK.

We dinghy to shore -- which is a long way off -- and tie up to the dinghy dock.  Ooops, the dock to shore is above us a few feet, but too high to step onto.  Looking around, we see that we can go under it (if we are very short) to the ramp on the other side.  Further looking around, we see that that is the only way to get there.  So we bend down and walk the boardwalk under the dock.  It just happens to be high tide.

 On the upper dock we visit with Mark, the clerk at the marina store.  He tells us that his store is open all year, and he prefers the winter to boat.  Summer people are gone, and you can see one anchored boat per island.  If you are anchored and someone comes along and sees you, she moves on.  What serenity!

Oh, and Mark says there used to be a poster in the store showing the flight paths, but it was 'just a suggestion.'  ....??

Find Willie's Tug....

After a short walk on shore, we take a dinghy ride around the Bay and enjoy the sunshine and watching the boats come and go.

And then the sunset..........

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, July 18, 2012


  1. Thinking about Mark saying he liked the winte for boating. Interesting. Must be sort of like we enjoy the Island when there are no tourists. The float planes are fun! But I am sure they can be noisy. What has h appended to the dinner photos??

    Xo. N

  2. At SPI we go from Winter Texans to Spring Break, Texas Week, Semana Santo,-- then there's bike week, etc. Hard to find the downtime. I would love to fly with Kenmore to Lopez Island if I could ask the pilot what he thinks about the anchorages.

    Dinner photos? Guess we get too hungry and forget........