Friday, July 27, 2012

Poets Cove, Pender Island, Canada - 7/26/2012

We leave Cap Sante this morning, followed by Moondance, Circle T and Ted and Donna on Peregrino, and see fog ahead.  Although we would enjoy the scenery, we will be fine with the radar.

Our route takes us west where we will cross Rosario Strait at an angle as we head north and into Peavine Pass.

Visibility is a quarter of a mile and the Strait is a heavy shipping channel with traffic separation lanes, so Herb monitors the VHF traffic and ship to ship channels. 

As we near Reef Point off Cypress Island, Herb radios Seattle Traffic to check in with our convoy of four boats.  We are told that HEB commitment is a large vessel heading in the southbound lane in Rosario Strait and the tug Golden State is towing a load of chemicals heading up the northbound lane.

Some of our group are monitoring as well, but Herb calls all on Channel 68 to update.  

We also hear Traffic announce our position, speed and direction to the large vessels.  HEB Commitment asks us to go to 13 and then gives her speed and position and asks us to hold back until they pass our intended path.  We hear from Golden State, as well.  We agree, and communicate to our group the change in course.

We slow our speed as we continue toward the Reef and watch the vessels' path on the Garmin screen, as they are identified by AIS.  They watch our AIS signal, also, and HEB Commitment gets worried that we are still moving toward them and radios for our intention.

Herb explains that we plan to get just past the reef, then stop.

The Ranger Tugs idle in a circle for fifteen minutes while the vessels move on.  It gives us all a chance to take pictures of each other.


Circle T



Lincoln Waving

Tym is reminded of his airplane's holding pattern, and jokingly comments about our holding pattern with all of us at the same altitude! 

Lincoln asks which one of us is winning the race as we circle behind each other, and I respond that he should decide where the finish line is.

Just for safety's sake, we move back at least half a mile from the shipping lane and never see the vessels at all through the fog as they pass in front of us.

We see their AIS position as they cross, and each one calls us on the ship to ship channel to thank us for our cooperation.  We also hear Golden State sound her horn at five different times as she gets near us.  

With no other traffic in sight, we then announce to the group that we will resume course and speed to continue toward Poets Cove.  We have a safe crossing of Rosario and see sunshine begin to break through the fog as we near Peavine Pass.  

We are very glad to have a clear view, as there are many, many crab pots dotting the seascape.  Herb skillfully threads his way between them, and comments that there are a billion here.

Lincoln spies a green Ranger Tug, and we soon hear Lyman tell us Zuma will overtake us, as Janeane has an appointment-not-to-be-missed at Poets Cove.  Pampering?  It is good to see them on the water.

Janeane on Zuma

We see Sea Lady, but don't know who is aboard.

As we get closer to our destination, we hear the Ranger Tug factory convoy overtake us and say Hello on 68.  It is starting to sound like a Desolation Sound trip.  We also see Rum Tum Tugger on our starboard.

We arrive at Bedwell Harbour and tie up at the Customs Dock.  Yea!  Herb comes back in record time with a thumbs up!  

Once in our assigned slip, Jake gets out to enjoy being petted by the neighbors.  

The sun warms the air and many of us change into shorts and/or go swimming in the pool up the hill.

Dinner is on the veranda of the hotel at Poets Cove, and we note all the menu selections sound wonderful.

As the sun sets, the temperature drops and Vicki, June and I are glad we have our jackets.

Herb takes a photo of the sunset.

He later comments that he keeps waiting for the sun to set to get another shot, then realizes what he sees is the sodium light on the dock.  I wonder if he is kidding.......

Find Willie's Tug.

Third from Left
As the temporature drops, we move inside by the fireplace, and I am offered the seat closest to the fire.

We expect to sleep well with the gentle roll of the waves, possibly caused by the large vessels moving in Boundary Pass, which separates the United States from Canada.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, July 26, 2012

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