Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lincoln is Back!!! - 7/24/2012

Herb has a new toy!  Herb says he has a wind indicator!

Herb Points to Wind Indicator
We are excited to get a call from Tym of Circle T, who has just come in from California and La Conner, so we walk over to E Dock to greet him, June and grandson Lincoln.  

Ooooh!  Look at Lincoln!  He cut his hair!  I was expecting those beautiful curls!  It is so good to see him again, and I know his fan club will be excited, also.  He is so handsome in his new haircut.

As we start back to our slip, we stop in the marina office and Jake gets petted by some of the staff, Matt, Emil and Vicki.  

As they return to their stations behind the counter, Jake follows, because he knows that treats are kept there.  The cookie jar is almost empty, but he gets the crumbs that are left, and Vicki promises to have more tomorrow.

Outside Jake meets a Golden puppy -- so cute!

Along the way we meet again Melle Lee and Charlie Warren from North Carolina, who have been walking the docks looking at boats.  Actually, they have been looking up and down the West Coast, and are interested in Ranger Tugs.

We hope to see them in a Ranger soon!

June tells us that when they came in today at the fuel dock, a skipper aboard a boat across the dock asked them if they wanted any crabs -- they had just come in and had plenty to spare.  June replied, "No, not really; I don't know how to cook them."

Be still my heart!  I do not want to hear that!  Then she follows up with, "They said, no problem, they are already cooked," and handed over a Ziploc full.  She invites us to Happy Hour and Dungeness crab.

We have cracker and forks for two, as well as some combo cracker/forks that we got at a restaurant in Kemah.  A friend, Jana, had joined Herb and me in Kemah for dinner, so I had three.  I asked our waiter for another one and was given the fork complete with bib.  Lincoln gets the bib tonight.

He actually figures out the best way to use the combo cracker, and does a really good job.

Welcome back, Lincoln; we know you will enjoy Desolation Sound and all points between!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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