Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ganges, Another Today and Saturday Market - 7/28/2012

If it is Saturday in Ganges, it is Saturday Market, and we are told it is the best for miles and miles around.  It begins at 6 AM, so about 10 AM we think the crowds are thinned somewhat and we head on down to the park in the center of town.

Along the dock we pass Andrew taking a look at the radar system on Clare and Richard's Restless.

He gives a reason for problems with the radar, and says, "Usually it is not enough use of the boat,"  and gets a laugh from those standing around, who enjoy the humor.

Crowds thinned out?  This is an aisle where we could actually see ahead a little.  The busiest one is fresh produce and bakery items.  Yes!

As we make our way around to all the vendors, we stop to watch a young man creating signs on driftwood, burning with a magnifying glass.  I'm sure he is glad for the sun today to make it happen.  On zooming, we see the smoke curling up from the wood.

I must suggest to David and Maureen, and Bruce and Vicki to try this next time on their signs at Conover Cove.

The park is a great place for kids and families.  

And we hear there will be Reggae music tonight.

A bit of a time lapse here finds Andrew down into a compartment of an R-31 doing something important, I am sure.

It is a busy afternoon of fun, shopping, visiting, and making new friends.  Happy Hour comes with a special attraction, "Cats in Distress," discovered at the Saturday Market by Vicki and Bruce.  They play lively music for us, and some Tuggers were seen tapping toes and dancing.

The musicians tell us when they are in a particular town, they perform with any other members of the group who happen to be there. 

Bruce's camera and Nita's video phone
Donna tells me the "Happy Flag" was given to them by a friend, and they flew it yesterday to show their daughter Krista where they are.  Krista and husband David arrived by seaplane for a few days' cruise with them.

The biggest news of the day is the fishing trip for Jim and Buzzy, Fred, and of course Lincoln.  We see the red Ranger Tug heading out quite early in the day.  Rumor has it that Lincoln caught a big fish.  

Lincoln hooked a small fish and was bringing it in, when a 35 inch Lingcod jumped on the little one.  Wow!  Let's get him in!  However, the Lingcod dropped the 'bait' and started to swim away.  Thinking fast, Lincoln dipped the small fish back into the water, at which time the Lingcod, could not resist it and Lincoln was able to bring them in.  

He tells me as he was reeling, the line was still going out, but he was able to use the dip net to scoop the Lingcod up.

I ask, "Lincoln, how did this make you feel?"  He replies, "A huge adrenalin rush!"

He serves me sashimi at Happy Hour.

Dinner is a BBQ sponsored by Bellingham Yacht Sales and hosted by the Salt Spring Island Ranger Tugs.  We meet Matt and Eric, who are on the Cutwater, Cut 'N a Rug.

After dinner, Patrick holds a short skippers' meeting, announcing a departure time of 4:30 AM.  After a gasp from the crowd, he says it will be more like 10 AM.  (Maybe the early one will actually be from Nanaimo the next morning.)

Gail serves a delicious Happy Birthday to Jeff and Patrick dessert, whose design shows both Ranger Tugs and Cutwater logos, heading to Desolation Sound.

Jim, Proud Lincoln, 35" Lingcod, Buzzy

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, July 28, 2012

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