Saturday, June 30, 2012

More of La Conner - 6/29/12

Nell Thorn

At the recommendation of Roger Clark, we go to Nell Thorn Restaurant for lunch, and are pleased at the ambiance and courtesy of the staff.   We are led upstairs to a cozy room overlooking the picturesque town below.

Herb's Rolled Omelet with Truffle is a delight, and I really enjoyed my Nell Burger - a very different burger of Skagit River Ranch organic patty and spread with creamy Gorgonzola.  Yum!

In the afternoon back at the boat we are visited by two volunteers with  Skagit County Beach Watchers, who help to educate recreational crabbers on reducing the unintentional mortality of crabs lost in abandoned crab pots.

They give us calipers to measure the size of crabs and showed us the diagrams on determining male or female.  Also included in our packet are two lengths of cord which will degrade over a short time and allow abandoned crabs to escape.

We think seriously about buying some crab pots and trying our luck.......

Knot for Sale

Find Willie's Tug

We enjoy learning about the area and its stories.  We are told that the picnic huts in the park across the Swinomish Channel from us are designed to resemble hats that some Indian tribal women wove and wore.

We would love to hear more.

The Hats
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, June 29, 2012


  1. The three gathering places across the river were made for the very large gathering last summer hosted by the Swinomish tribe for almost a week as native paddlers from throughout the region, including far north coastal tribes finished their journeys and celebrated together, camping and sharing meals and stories.

    If possible go across and view the great informational signs at the park area there!

    I returned home this afternoon and will bring the pad back to the boat.

    If possible please pm the width and length of the hallway floor by 10:00 am tomorrow, Sunday.



  2. I need the measurement of the hallway floor on my boat so hope to get yours and subtract 2 feet from yours.

  3. Thanks for this information. I am sure this was an impressive sight and a wonderful gathering for the paddlers. We took a long walk last evening and saw all their crab pots across the way, and hope to take the truck across the bridge one day.

    Herb sent pm.