Thursday, June 28, 2012

High Tea ??? - 6/22/2012

We catch an early morning photo of the 'Welcome' sign and name 'Victoria' in the landscape before the townspeople begin to arrive, but I don't expect to see many lounging on the grass -- because it is raining!!!


We explore a bit more of the city and decide to visit the Royal BC Museum.  In front is the bell tower housing the Carillon, which plays a tune on the hour, as we go in.  

The first floor of the museum has much about the Queen's Jubilee, and we can imagine the activity here a few days ago.

The Queen

We could have spent days in this museum, as the exhibits are so fascinating and tell much about the history of the area and how its people lived.

Canning Salmon

The sound effects here are a hen announcing that she had laid an egg.

An Egg a Day

With raincoats and umbrellas, our group heads to the Empress for Afternoon Tea, and spirits are high with expectations.  The hostess checks off our reservation, and we are quickly seated by our waiter. But I hear something about a set menu.

We are told nothing about the cost.  We are given menus and can't figure out what we are to do -- set menu?  The menu shows prices of extras to order for $30 or so, but nothing about the cost of tea.  Before we can blink, we are each served a beautiful dish of fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream.  Our faces show that we are confused, and it is then that the waiter tells us we will have sandwiches next, then scones. 

Oh, really?  What if we don't want all that?  We came for tea.  The waiter explains that it is a set menu, and all of it comes for the price.  Clue:  the price.  So what is the price?  $60 plus tax and tip, (totaling about $79.20).  There are six of us; is that $60 per person?  Yes.  

Vicki is the first one to realize that we are in the wrong place and we tell the waiter we are not going to stay.  He removes the strawberries very fast, as if he has done that many times before for bewildered patrons.

Outside the Tea Room we have a good laugh and take photos to complete the experience.  

High Tea, indeed!

David and Maureen

Bruce and Vicki

A walk about the hotel shows us some of its beauty, and we see Bruce taking a photo of Vicki, who is below the balcony and out of range of my camera.

Now our spirits are really high with expectations, as we head for Destiny to enjoy our own "High Tea!"

High Tea

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, June 22, 2012

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