Monday, June 18, 2012

Rosario and the Group

We experience a light rain as we make our way to the Rosario Resort Restaurant for breakfast.  It is not too cold, but the jacket feels good.

Inside we are seated overlooking the heated pool, with a view of the mountain rising from the sea.

As we leisurely enjoy our morning coffee, we explore a bit of dining room, and Herb points out the thickness of the window glass.

We recall from our visit here last year that the Moran Mansion was built by Robert Moran, a shipbuilder from Seattle.

His doctor gave him six months to two years to live, so he retired around the age of 40 to build his dream house, which included many ship fittings, lights, and hardware.

Our waitress has English as her second or third language, and we love to hear her talk about the menu.  As she describes the ingredients of the omelet of the day, we recognize everything except the 'yellow pe-noes.'  Hmmm.......   Her second time to come to our table for our order gets us another recitation, but we still do not know what yellow pe-noes are.

Could it be yellow pine nuts?  And if so, why?  Oh, well, maybe that is what some people in the San Juan Islands like.  We quiz Vicki and Bruce, and the answer is clear:  jalapenos!  Herb says the omelet is delicious -- especially with the peppers!

Vicki and I choose Eggs Benedict Florentine.

After breakfast we walk through more of the Mansion and see some of the photographs from the early 1900's.  We are pleased to see that some of Mr. Moran's guests were entertained exactly where our table is.

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for -- Destiny arrives with David and Maureen.  

It was so exciting to hear Patrick on That's It from Ganges on Salt Spring Island talking to David on VHF 68.  We learn that Destiny is seven miles out, so it won't be long before she cruises in.

We are fortunate to have a slip for her right across the dock and in front of Moondance.  There is plenty help to catch the lines and tie up.

Welcome, Maureen
We arrive early for the organ concert, as the seats fill up fast.

Our narrator - commentator - entertainer begins by playing a piece on the piano.  He alternates going up to the balcony to play the organ, then telling us segments of the story of Mr. Moran's life and building the Mansion.

The program concludes with a silent movie of "The Phantom of the Opera."  We are then invited to tour the museum and get a good look at the organ.  It is a player, which no longer works, but you can see from the worn areas on the bench that the organ has been actually played many times.

We find two safes in a vault, and wonder just what was kept there.  

The tour is not complete without a visit to the gift shop.  

........ dinner and conversation.........

Bruce's grilled pork loin

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, June 16, 2012


  1. As they say,
    Good Friends, Good Time and Good Wine!

    Enjoy your holiday!!

  2. All of the above, and we wish you were here!

  3. The mansion virtual tour was really amazing. Didn't youall go there last summer as well?? Seems like I remember the story of Mr. Morgan the ship captain. The food looked delicious. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. XO. N

  4. We did go there last year, and I wrote quite a bit about it. We were excited to have our friends enjoy the concert and tour this year.