Saturday, June 30, 2012

LaConner WA - 6/28/12

Today Herb and I try to decide where to go, and realize there are many, many, places that we would enjoy and they all involve water.  Having never been to LaConner by boat to visit, we select that destination.

LaConner is a cute little town with lots to see, much like Anacortes, but not as close to the San Juans.  It is on the Swinomish Channel which takes you south into Skagit Bay and toward Puget Sound, and does get shallow at low tide.

Along the way we see an eagle perched atop a piling, and recall having seen one in this area before.  Is it the same one?  Or are there nests scattered about?

It is a short trip to LaConner and the marina has space for us along the breakwater dock, giving us a vantage point from which to see and be seen.  Shortly after tying up Willie's Tug, we are visited by Roger Clark, whom we met with C-Dory friends Tanya and Dan last Summer.  We invite him to join us now at Happy Hour.  

He tells us that his wife, Janet, is stitching something and will be along later. I can't wait to hear about this project of hers.

Janet and Roger

Janet is wearing a sweater that looks suspiciously like she designed and sewed it, and it is so pretty and clever.   I am also reminded of two special friends who sew!!! and hope they see this.

Janet tells me that she took a sweatshirt and cut down the middle, binding the edges with a fabric that she also used for appliqueing.  I am impressed!

(Oh, and there is a quilt shop in LaConner!)

We see a green Ranger Tug go by, and watch it closely to see who it is.  We see the name Restless, but are not sure we know her owners.

Not to worry, Claire and Richard Dainard, who live near here, soon come to visit.   We feel really wonderful about the small world we live in!

Find Willie's Tug!

LaConner Marina

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, June 28, 2012

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