Monday, June 25, 2012

Butchart Gardens

Today we see our first snow nearby (on Mt. Whymper at 5120 ft)  as we leave Ladysmith, heading to Todd Inlet and Butchart Gardens.  It is flat calm and minimal traffic -- except for the tug that crossed the bow of Moondance, who wisely pulled back on the throttle to wait.

Then a working tug and his log boom tow.

We go south through Stuart Channel, continue on the west side of Salt Spring Island through Sansum Narrows, and into Satelite Channel.

Along the way we see an eagle on Burial Island amidst tide rips.

Pacific Tiara

Approaching Brentwood Bay and the coastal side of Butchart Gardens, we thread our way through many crab pots.  Must be a good spot!

Upon arrival at the cove, Destiny goes ahead to investigate how many -- if any -- mooring balls are available for the evening.  Ah, we are in luck.  All five are free and we begin the process of catching a ball and tying a stern line to shore.

Destiny is set first; then we other two get on either side of her. First I walk along the gunwale to get the bow line and take to the stern.   Skipper eases the starboard side to the ball and I put the bow line through the loop on top the ball, bringing it back to me.  I then walk back to the bow and tie off the line, and slowly the boat  aligns behind the ball.

Herb dinghys to shore with the stern tie and hooks into the ring set in stone.  It is very helpful to have the painted circle on the rock for locating the ring; however, the paint is beginning to fade, making it a challenge to find.

Find Willie's Tug

David and Maureen have done this exercise many times over their boating years, and tell Vicki and me that we did a good job.  We are pleased to hear it.

And now the gardens..............

As much as I love flowers, I have to say the bamboo waterfall in the Japanese Garden is a favorite of mine.  As it fills, the weight of the water on the forward end causes it to dump the water, then repeat.  The sound of the bamboo hitting the rock is beautiful to my ears.

Oh, I see another dog coming!

Now I can pet them both!

Jake remembers where the Information Center is, and that they have treats for him.

Ooops, excuse us.....
Butchart Gardens, dog friendly, has water bowls scattered about the grounds, and it is always amusing to see the interaction of guests who left their animals at home and want to pet Jake, as well as the meeting of the dogs. 

 Hidden behind Jake is a small territorial dog who barks at him, and in the background is someone who photographs this encounter.


Something for everyone

Each blossom is more beautiful than the one before, and we are at peace as we return to our boats and dinghy to Destiny for dinner.

Jake says, "What about me?"

Herb tightens our stern tie, as the tide comes in.

Bruce and Vicki

Osprey atop the tree

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, June 20, 2012


  1. Nice job, Willie. So great to have shared the experience with you.

  2. It was a wonderful week, and we cherish our memories of the group. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Butchart Gardens is definitely high on my list of places to visit by boat. The photos show wonderful flowers and various beautiful plants and places, and the mood feels restful just looking at the beautiful flowers!

    Anne Cox

  4. And there are park benches where you can relax and enjoy what you see -- also ice cream!