Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today's the Day! - 6-27-12

I have heard that some people clean house before the cleaning lady comes.....

Capt. Mac is in The Broughtons, but he will be back.  I think I should try to become more familiar with my boat in the meantime, before my 'Day on the Water with Capt. Mac.'

Herb gets Willie's Tug out of the tight slip, out of the harbor and out into the beautifully calm water east of Guemes Island.  Then I take the helm.  No autopilot today. He directs me to go between Guemes and Huckleberry Island, which is a small island -- and oh, it looks like there is not much room between them.  How can I ever get through?

Willie at the Wheel

The exercise today is for me to 'follow the coastline' and watch the depths.  My track on the Garmin is a bit wiggly and not what I am used to seeing, but I do very well, he says.

I continue north and go inside Jack Island and enjoy watching the different colored water and/or land on the chart.  Still doing well.   Everyone must know that I am on the water today, as there is very little traffic, which adds to my stress-free day.

As we round Clark Point on the northern end of Guemes, we have strong current on the nose and Herb suggests that I turn around and go back the same way, around the east side of Guemes.

As I start back, I see a tugboat on the port side going faster than I, so no problem, except that I expect a big wake from her.  When I see it coming, I tell Herb that maybe he should take the helm now temporarily.  He says, "You can handle it."  So I did.  Good job, Willie!

About this time we get a call from Vicki at Sunnyhill Kennels and Cattery telling us that Dr. Jake has had his grooming and is ready to be picked up.  

Saved by the bell?

The rest of the cruise is uneventful, and I am enjoying every bit of it, watching the markers and my position.  I yield the wheel to Herb as we approach Cap Sante marina, and look forward to my next exercise.

Thank you, Miss Vicki for making me pretty again.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, June 27, 2012