Sunday, June 3, 2012

Return to Home (Anacortes WA)

Jake is up early for his morning walk, then settles in to man his post, guarding the dock.

Soon we turn out of the marina at Blake Island to head home (to Anacortes) on what will be a very long day.  We say "Good morning" to Seattle as the sun rises.

Good Morning, Seattle

We pass Chicago Bridge, a colorful container ship still in sight of Seattle.  Herb sees on Marine Traffic that she was in Tokyo on May 1.

A humorous sight to us is all the birds in the water, and we recall that in the Laguna Madre Bay in Port Isabel if you can see the birds' legs, you don't drive your boat there.  It is shallow!  

A different way of tugging here in the Pacific Northwest is tug ahead and load behind.  We see the tow line dipping into Puget Sound.

And his load.

The water is very calm today -- quite different from the day last week when we came south to Shilshole.  

We enjoy seeing the boats.


And the harbor seals on the red and green marker.

After several hours of cruising, we come to the entrance of Swinomish Channel, and line up the range markers for travel through the more shallow waters.

Ah, Perfect!
It is a great day on the water, and what could be more wonderful than the first sighting of an eagle this year.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   May 30, 2012