Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Days Twenty-eight and Twenty-nine - Anacortes WA - July 26 and 27, 2010

You guessed it -- we begin our day on the path which we learn is named Thompson Trail and walk about a mile (don't have this figured out yet) to the south end.

On our return we see something in the water as we cross the bridge over Fidalgo Bay -- no, it is not a dolphin -- could be an otter.

After lunch of purple hull peas and cornbread, we take long naps, and wake not long before the crab feast in the neighborhood.  We have met several neighbors camping near us in the RV park and join in the gatherings.  This one involves a dinner, or a going-away feast for Lee.  Most of the group summers here every year, and some live in the area.  They do know where to get good food!  

In addition to the Dungeness, there are salads, fruit,  vegetables, and bread.  What more could you ask!  But wait -- there's more -- there's Jan's blackberry cobbler, her rhubarb cobbler, and ice cream!

Just so no one is left out, Fred does his Pied Piper thing and leads a parade of all the dogs next door to his motor home, where he brings out a large jar of treats.  An amazing sight of these cute animals, each one waiting his turn to get a cookie.

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