Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Two - Georgetown TX to Texarkana TX - June 30, 2010

Walking Jake is a delight this morning, as we find Berry Springs Park and Preserve across the street from the RV park.  A wood chip path leads us into a pasture and on to a concrete walk with both right and left turns.  We opt for the right and see neat leaf impressions in the walk along the way.  The curvy path goes through a wooded area and then ends.  By the time we get back to where the left turn is, it is time to go, and we decide to explore the other area next time.

On our drive we get showers from time to time, but no problems.  We stop in Dallas for diesel and are amused to hear people 'talking like we do.'

We don't find a campground near the Interstate, so we win the battle of going through the maze of construction on the interchange to find Super Wal-mart.  It is a pleasant evening, even without running the AC.    Cost:  $16 for six gallons of Arizona Diet Green Tea with Splenda!

Super Wally Campground

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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