Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Six - St. Louis (Manchester) MO to Emporia KS - July 4

Our treat for the day is getting to see our twin great-nieces, Isabelle and Gabrielle.  They pose well for pictures (future models, eh?), but their energy is too fast for me many times. They give a present they made for me, which is a collection of their reading work from kindergarten.  They are reading before they begin first grade this year in the Fall.  
The girls explore Sweet Caroline, and I explain that the rooms are small because we are parked on the side of the street and could not put the other two slides out today. They enjoy seeing the bedroom slide come in at the push of a button, and also their 'ride' on the sofa as it comes in preparing for us to drive away.  
I give them a present, too, demitasse cups and saucers that were my Grandmother Pittman's.  She would have been their Great-great-grandmother.  I suggest they not 'play' with them now, but put them away to maybe use later, and save for their children.  Did I see just a flicker of disappointment?  I might need to amend this request, because a gift is given, and the cups are theirs now.  They tell me about a quilt that Aunt Meryl made each of them, and confirm that she is my sister.  
Next we see the yellow flower Isabelle and pink blossom Gabrielle swimsuits getting ready for their swimming time.  They also demonstrate their ability to do cartwheels and ride a bike really fast (and safely).  All too soon we have to soak up hugs and place their smiling faces in our memories and resume the trip west.  It is a wonderful visit with our family and we invite all to visit us in the Valley.  

Now driving through some rolling hills with great weather, we arrive at Emporia KS just in time to settle into our space at Super Wal-mart RV Park as the black cloud presents itself. Raining cats and dogs -- but cool and once the weather system clears, it is open the windows and enjoy!

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