Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Five - St. Louis (Manchester) MO - July 3

Sleeping with the windows open for the cool breeze under our ceiling fan was a treat.  We awoke to the smell of fresh coffee, and enjoyed the quiet of the neighborhood.
On Jake's morning walk, we meet a lady who says she has lived in her house 44 years.  She is dog-sitting her son-in-law and daughter's Maltese, while they are on a much needed vacation.  She does not approve of the 17 year old dog's incessant barking, and vows to use this time to teach the dog not to bark.  We wish her luck.  Her daughter is lucky to have such a nice Mom.  
A fun-filled afternoon at Dwight and Nancy's Chadwick Swim Park, which is within walking distance.  Sunscreen, sun hat, Ooops!  No-one reminded me to bring a swimsuit.  We are fortunate enough to get a table and sit in the shade while we watch the activities and visit with their friends.
One of the events is kids of different age groups diving for coins.  They stand facing away from the pool while the coins are tossed into the water, then at the call, jump into the water.  All you can see are heads bobbing up, and then feet as they dive.  
Our niece Jenifer joined us for the day at the pool, the evening in the backyard, and the fireworks display on a strategic hill a few blocks away.   We had a lot of time to catch up, and I learned more about her work as a crisis counselor for a hospital.  
Jake watched a rabbit run into the backyard, then decided it would be OK to let it be.  
After another great dinner, we drove up the hill to watch the community fireworks.  Very impressive and a wonderful tribute to our Country.  

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