Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day Eighteen - Island Park ID to Victor ID - July 16, 2010

One last walk around the RV park with Jake and he finds a Shih Tzu he falls in love with.  Soon we are on the road, stopping for diesel at a good price.  Before long we come to a 6% grade area which gives us some gorgeous scenery.  The Tetons are 'everywhere;' we see them for miles and miles.  Along the highway are many pastures, all being irrigated.  "If it a'int rock, it is being irrigated."  At one point, the irrigation equipment is too close to the road and washes our windshield.

The rolling hills we see give us a ribbon like highway -- still with the Tetons in the background.  We come upon a silo with a faded sign, "Pillsbury Mills," but the fields look like grass for hay and not wheat.  The bicyclists are very brave, riding on the narrow strip of roadway, but I am sure they are enjoying the hills.  

Arriving in Victor we see 'Old West' decor on the buildings and miss a flea market by just minutes.  Lunch is Japanese fare in the cafe area of the large supermarket in the neighboring town of Driggs, where we stock up on supplies for the next few days.  We are delighted to at last find the wonderful fresh cherries grown in the Northwest.

Our campground for the night, Teton RV Park,  is lovely with its pines, spruce, and roses.  Jake enjoys a run in the dog yard pasture near our RV site.  It is good to be free!  

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