Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Twenty-seven - Bremerton WA - July 25, 2010

We spend all day long waiting for the ferry boat.  No, not so, it just seems that way at first.  Huge boat!  ...............but more on that later.

We leave Sweet Caroline to rest today while we take Jake and the Jeep to check out all the RV parks between Anacortes and Bremerton WA, where the Ranger Tug rally will be held.  We pass the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island and think of all the pilots who served and do serve, and remember Herb's Marine Corp time.  I get all excited when we see a sign by the road for blueberries, and plan to stop on the way back.  

Soon we come to the ferry to Port Townsend and the nice director of traffic lady gives Jake a meat treat and two dog cookies.  Friend for life!  All he wants now is a little petting from her.  At the toll booth, the sign requesting not to hit the booth causes me to wonder what accidents have happened here.  It is 9:35A and we are told the ferry will run at 10:15A.  Forty minute wait time!  We are not used to waiting, so it is a time just to be and to enjoy.  Don't let me catch you reading your eMail on your Droid ..................

The 35 minute trip across Puget Sound gives us time to watch the power boats and sailboats go by.  Back on land and traveling south we see a Farmers' Market and are hopeful they will have just-picked blueberries.  Well, no, they already ran out -- which I can understand.  The fresh vegetables are beautiful and inviting, but the aroma of the hot dog stand is more than we can pass up -- especially when we see they have Oregon sausage.

An added treat is the Shady Grove band of ole-timers singing folk songs while we picnic and shop.  

Our return trip to Anacortes involves a ferry boat from Bremerton to Seattle, and this boat is huge!  Being a land-locked country girl most of my life, I was impressed with the size of the passenger lounge, thinking it is larger than any jet plane I have ever flown on.

And yes, there is a wait from 3:35P to 4:15P!  But we know how to be patient (after all, we are on vacation) and walk around the area to see the intermittent fountains and watch the kids play in the pools below.  

On the hour and fifteen minute ferry ride across to Seattle we can see snow-capped Mt. Rainier fifty miles away -- and more importantly, a larger-than-ours Ranger Tug, which could belong to someone in the area that Herb knows.

Playing with one's phone is allowed now, and Herb uses the GPS app to show me that it indicates we are on a ferry.  Cool!

Arriving in Seattle, we head for a must do stop, Sam's Club, as Herb tells me we need a new GPS for the motor home.  

After a twelve hour day, we will sleep well tonight.  

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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