Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Nine - Angel Fire NM - July 7, 2010

It is 41 degrees outside and not much warmer inside the motor home (sleeping was great), so we turn on the furnace when we wake.  A hot cup of coffee is also good to warm the hands.  After the Segars' feast last night, I think I will never need to eat again; however, thinking of Michael's Kitchen in Taos lures us to drive there for breakfast.  The temperature is pleasant enough so that Jake gets to go with us and sleep in the car.  Michael serves up a great plate of calories!  With Herb's Spanish omelet, he has a choice of hash browns, cottage cheese or tomato, but doesn't want either, so says, "not anything, thank you."  After taking my order, she asks him again, and he says, "not anything."  She takes our drink orders, and asks him if he is sure about the side dishes, so he pleases her by asking for the cottage cheese.  He smiles as he eats the fruit on top.  My bacon topped waffle with egg-on-the-side is all I ever dreamed of.  Back up the hill to spend the evening with Segars and Co. and Friends, we catch up on the day's activities.

Adding to the beauty of the cabin is a painting of Tricia (Patricia Segars Amond), which was done by her mother-in-law artist.  Pearl passes her test of the evening by naming all her and Joe's children and their spouses, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and everyone's birthday.  A feat like this will prevent the onset of dementia.  The spaghetti dinner is a hit, as evidenced by the fact that everyone 'made a Happy Plate.'  As the day comes to a close, we are sad to say, "So long for now!" 

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