Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Twenty-two - Idaho Falls ID to Huntington OR - July 20, 2010 Day Twenty-three - Huntington OR - July 21, 2010

In spite of some highway construction, we begin a pleasant drive to Huntington, which is just inside the state of Oregon.  

We have figured out a way to keep Jake from sleeping against (and activating) the controls of Herb's driver chair, by putting a foot stool in front of him and a rug behind it for him to sleep on while we drive.  But today, without our noticing, he has moved an inch at a time until he is in front of the stool.  We love our dog!

Soon we come into a volcanic area called Craters of the Moon and see much lava rock.

Driving on we see more pastures, more winding roads, more flowers and we are never bored with the scenery.  We arrive at Oasis RV Park to find that it is along the Snake River.  My delight of the day is the bee visiting one of the roses in the garden, and playing throw the ball with Jake by the picnic table at the river's edge in the cool  of the evening.

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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