Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Fifteen - Ogden UT to Island Park ID - July 13

We are seeing mountains with a bit of a different look, more pasture, farmland and even appearing carpeted in some areas.  After leaving Idaho Falls, Sweet Caroline climbs in altitude, and along the way I miss several opportunities to photograph the Snake River.  Sneaky Snake sneaks up on me!  In late afternoon, we arrive at the mountain cabin of Patti and David Harwell, who were our next door neighbors in Longview TX.    Jake gets an excited welcome and meets their new Yellow Lab, Annie. 

 We get a tour of the remodeling project on the cabin, which includes adding a master suite and guest room.  Under two layers of linoleum rugs in the living room, they find beautiful hardwood flooring.  Patti is having fun planning how to keep some original features and making it all come together.  We'll be interested to see the finished product.  Before long I feel the need for my jacket and enjoy the cool of the evening, as we watch Jake chase ground squirrels and stare in wonderment at the birds.  Annie is tethered, as she has proven not to be trusted in her pursuit of critters.  I am sure she is not happy about it.  David and Patti fill us in on the history of the area, how they have been welcomed into the community, and their plans to spend five months of the year in Island Park.  David serves filet mignon, Spring salad and roasted corn in the elegant dining room of Running Bear, the travel trailer.  

Jake discovers Annie's bed and decides he is invited to relax there.      What a surprise to find it is still daylight and almost bedtime!  We hurry home so we can sleep fast and be ready for tomorrow's day they plan for us.

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