Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Eight - Raton NM to Angel Fire NM - July 6, 2010

Confusion is when you wake (haven't had a cuppa coffee yet) and try to figure out if it is 5A, 6A or 4A, because you don't hear the coffee pot perking.  I decide that it is 5 and that I had not set the timer right the night before, so I turn it on, then look at my Droid which tells me it is 4.  Whatever!  Because it is 61 degrees both outside and inside, Herb closes the windows.  We take advantage of this time to do our chores and catch up on communication, such that most of the other campers are out of the park before we leave.  We are seven minutes past checkout time, but are forgiven.  It is great to be back in mountainous country again and enjoy reminiscing about the bear that came to visit our tent camp years ago at Cimarron Canyon State Park, as we pass it near Eagle Nest.  Great skies, cloud formations, aspen trees and downhill views greet us.  We arrive at Monte Verde RV Park in Angel Fire and are given a choice RV site overlooking the valley.  The highlight of the day is arriving at Joe and Pearl's cabin in Angel Fire, and meeting their daughter Susan and husband Mike, their daughters Emilee and Bailee, and friend Cayman -- all from Dallas.  We hear about the bear that came to visit the night before and see the bird feeders Bailee made from pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed.  We are joined by Keith and Penny McDaniels, their friends from Denver.  After dinner (complete with my 'favorite cake' banana pudding, made by Bailee), we are entertained by the girls with a nail salon skit.  Before we know it, the sun is setting and we watch for that bear as we head out to our car for the drive back to the RV park.  Since it had been 37 degrees in Angel Fire the previous night, we close the windows -- just in case! 

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