Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Eleven - Pagosa Springs CO - July 9, 2010

This morning we enjoy visiting the shops along the main street of Pagosa Springs, where I buy a bag of pie mix (do I bake?) and Herb finds a pair of 'reader' sunglasses to replace the one he just dropped and broke.  He says they are much better.  Lunch is a home cooked meal for Herb and a grilled turkey sandwich with a special sauce for me at The Dogwood Cafe.  Turns out the owner is from Houston and recently moved here.  They have a china closet in one dining room that was the lady's grandmother's in ConroeTX, and a mantle in another room that was her aunt's in Marksville LA.  Small world.  Jake takes advantage of the dog walk along the river near the hot springs, visits several dogs along the way, and does not chase the chipmunks in the rocks.  We dip our toes in one of the pools of warm water and enjoy the colors the sulphur has made on the rock over the years. 
 Later we explore the area in the Jeep, see a sign for kangaroo (do not see any animals) and find ourselves on a 'Jeep road.'  We drive out of town a ways, scrolling the GPS to tell us where we might end up, and we could 'see our house from there!'  I am glad this road is not as scary as the one Sam and Inez took with us a few years ago, and we soon return to the RV park for the evening. 

Willie of Walldog, Willie and Jake

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