Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Four - Blytheville AR to St. Louis (Manchester) MO - July 2

While having an early morning cup of coffee, I notice that the sun is shining in the north window, and remember that yesterday's setting sun did also.  Hmmm, yes, we are a bit more north of Port Isabel, and are reminded of what we saw in Alaska a few years ago.
Stopping at Flying J for diesel,in case we have to run the generator at Super Wal-mart RV Park, we take advantage of their lunch buffet.........Oh, No!  The 'Ynilla' machine is out of order!
We are fortunate enough to be able drive Sweet Caroline through the interestingly winding streets of Dwight and Nancy's subdivision, and the only problem with parking on the street in front of their home is low hanging limbs.  When we arrive at their place, we see my brother Dwight with chain saw in hand, a pile of Maple limbs in his front yard, and he is waving, "Come on down!"

The motor home just fits between his and the neighbor's driveways -- just made for us!  We help him pick up the limbs before settling in for Happy Hour in their spacious back yard.
We sit around a 'made for conversation' umbrella table on the patio lined with planter boxes of herbs, corn flower plants, and 4 o'clock flowers.  The violet 4 o'clocks take me back to my childhood in Pitkin LA.
Nancy shows us their garden of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, two kinds of beans, broccoli and corn, and promise that we can pick tomorrow.
Niece Heather and Don join us for dinner of baked ribs, cubed roasted potatoes, beans and garden salad, but her twins Isabelle and Gabrielle are away for the week end.  We make plans to stay until Sunday, when they return.

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