Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Fun Continues at Poets Cove -- 6/6/2015

On Saturday, the last day of the Poets Cove gathering, we soak up all the area has to offer and take advantage of the time to make plans for future cruises. Ray and Herb exchange ideas on the itinerary for a trip up The Inside Passage of Alaska.  On the planning maps Jocelyn sees some of the places that her dog, Lily, will visit.

Whatever they decide is good with me, so I walk around with film to shoot. Halfway up the serious hill I walk to an overlook in front of Poets Cove Hotel and Spa to visit with friends and get a bird's eye view of the Ranger Tugs and Cutwaters in the marina.

Find one of them....

Jim and Joan take a moment from fine tuning systems on their new boat, Bubbles, to pose for me.

Fun memories of our stay at Chatterbox Falls up Princess Louisa Inlet a couple of years ago is brought back to us when Jolly Mon stops by to let us know he will do a gig in the Pub tonight.  He asks us to pass the word!  We can 'hear' his guitar and the Jimmy Buffet songs he plays.

However, I explain to him that we have some activities coming up for the evening and will try to catch him later.  Hmmm....a favorite activity is sampling the appetizers at cocktail hour.  I try to limit myself and save my appetite for the BBQ coming up later.  Didn't work!

Dinner tonight is Potluck with everyone bringing a side dish or dessert, and BBQ hamburgers and smokies provided by Mike of Port Boat House and Dolphin Insurance Company.  They are seen in the photo below hard at work -- or at a talent they do well -- at the grill.  Line forms to the right and the aroma draws us there.

I make Blueberry Cole Slaw especially for Keith.

A fun activity during the day is the blind dinghy race, where one blindfolded person rows, while the partner tells him which way to go.  First, all head back behind the starting line until Jeff calls "Start."

Now underway, there is oar splashing evidence of speed and at this point it appears to be dead heat.  Lotsa strong arms and good co-pilots.

Oh, the entertainment is not over!  Kenny and Andrew start a little competition in a water fight.  Who splashed who first?  Run, Andrew, Run!  Did Kenny threaten to throw him into the water?

Run, Andrew, Run!

Our last activity was not planned by us -- I'll call it Helen's showing of the lion's mane jellyfish floating between our finger pier and her boat, The Bud's Tug.  I had never seen one and am amazed at the size, a  bit larger than a basketball.  And the beautiful orange tan colour.  How graceful it is as it uses its tentacles to propel itself through the water.  

Here it is seen moving toward the bow of The Bud's Tug, then more forward until it reaches the anchor reflection.  In the last photo it gives one last push to capture a shrimp or probably to escape the eyes of the humans.

While getting to know more boaters this week end, I visit with Jimmy and MJ, who brought their R-31, The Glasgow Ranger -- but not all the way from Scotland. MJ tells me she had roots in Austin TX and proudly flies the Texas flag.


Jimmy and MJ on The Glasgow Ranger
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, June 6, 2015


  1. Looks like a good time for all. We are now four days in Ketchikan waiting for a lighter wind and at our backs. Tomorrow is the day.

    1. I am so excited for you!!! We are many days behind you, and look forward to the journey. I know you will find some museums in Ketchikan....while you wait.