Saturday, June 6, 2015

Never a Dull Moment -- 6/3/2015

A couple of days ago we heard R-Tug Trophy Wife calling on VHF so we know she is cruising nearby.  We had actually seen her, Cracker Jack and the R-21 Jack Knife at Ganges, but could not take a photo from our bouncy dinghy.  So maybe they are headed to Poets Cove and we will see them there.

On our walk today we do get close enough for a photo of two of them, but Jack Knife must be gone to shore.

Walking back up the ramp today to the highway, we are approached by a young boy at the Marine Park registration kiosk.  He asks us if we know how long the ramp is.  We say no, and wonder why he needs that for registration.  On closer observation, it becomes clear that his group is on a scavenger hunt – they are not registering.   We leave them behind as we walk to the road and hope to get a couple of miles on our hike. 

The hills are gentle and not a challenge to us and soon we come to the store. Guests have a late lunch on the deck outside the restaurant, as they watch the kayakers walk up the ramp after a spin on the water.

The deep green coloured trees on the shore lend their reflection to the water near shore below.

Back to Willie’s Tug for a lazy afternoon, we hear sounds from on land as twenty or more children hurry excitedly down the dock to look into the sea.  We hear a soft “one-two-three” and then all together they shout a word that I cannot understand.  I do not interrupt them to ask, but simply enjoy their enthusiasm. 

Later a teacher tells us they are the seventh grade class of a nearby school and are learning about sea life.

We watch a few more boats come into the Marine Park, and a passenger on one comes over to ask if there is a boat in the area selling sticky buns.  We remember reading about it in the past, but apparently the boat doesn’t come around anymore.   We suggest they try the store at the marina, and soon the boat sails away in search of dessert.

One of the boats we notice is on a mooring ball and we delight to see she is a 29 ft. Ranger Tug.  No name on her side, but the skipper calls out to us.   He is Jim with wife Joan and they have just agreed to name their new boat Bubbles.  He tells us they will be at the gathering of Ranger Tugs and Cutwaters in Poets Cove Thursday.  We hope to get to know them better.

Jim and Joan

R-29 Bubbles

What Stories She Could Tell
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, June 3, 2015