Monday, June 15, 2015

News of Cuba and Anacortes -- 6/14/2015

The Nanaimo Yacht Club winds down its rendezvous at Ladysmith marina with coffee on the dock.  It appears they had a Rock N Roll theme from the Elvis music playing and the guitar and 'singles' discs decorating their boats.  They pose for photos we thank them for coming.

Today is the first Sunday in recent weeks that we have been in port to attend a church service, and are up to walking to St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church we had seen yesterday.  Did I say we are up to?  Yes, it is up!  The photo below shows the street taking a steep downgrade just after the turnout.  We walk the whole way -- three blocks straight up, after walking up to street level from the marina.  Then a few blocks over to Buller Street.  Whew!

The church has a luncheon planned today, featuring a speaker from their Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, and several parishioners invite us to share the meal.  Roger is the one who finally convinces us to attend.

Tessa, the presenter representing the PWRDF, tells of their work in Cuba, teaching the inhabitants skills and trades to learn to grow their own food in areas that are undeveloped.   And the food we are served today is a typical Cuban meal.   Awesome!  Delicious pulled pork, salsa, sticky rice and black beans.  Yum!

As we walk back to the marina, we look at the view down the hill through town and across the water by the marina.  It is about a 20 minute walk -- and a little faster than coming uphill. 

When we arrive back to the marina, we rest a bit in the sitting area of the office and visit with a couple we had seen at church this morning.  It is not until they tell us who they are that the light bulb turns on and we realize we have known them -- She is The Rev. Diane Ramerman, priest at Christ Episcopal Church in Anacortes, with her husband, Dale.  It is a small and wonderful world. 

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, June 14, 2015


  1. Ive been following your blog since last summer and think that we were probably just behind you in the Broughtons and possibly at Blind Channel at the same time. If you happen to come through Powell River at any point, give me a shout, love give you a tour (even just up the HUGE hill to the grocery store) and meet you.


    1. Thanks, I'll make a note, and thanks for your comment.