Friday, June 12, 2015

Splicing and Winching at Ladysmith -- 6/10/2015

Our days are not all play.  We work, as well.

Our previous stern tie reel would not hold all 600 ft. of line, so Herb had to cut off 180 ft.  This week he rides with a neighbor boater to Nanaimo for a new reel and mounting fixture.  Happy to be able to carry more line, he sets about splicing the line.  I am amazed and he has fun with his new skill.

Brian across the dock on Reunion II checks out his anchor chain and discovers a weak spot in the line.  Oh, this must be fixed!  With other chores to do, he gets a professional splicer to repair the anchor line, then lays it out in the sun to dry.

Brian on Reunion II

Now for Herb's next job --

Our dinghy is very heavy to lower into the water and raise up again if doing this manually, so we attempt to use the factory installed winch mounted on the cockpit wall above the port window. 

Ooops, I wonder if this winch was ever tested before delivering a new boat.  With the line sloping down to the dinghy and the handle on the bottom of the winch, the handle hits the line as you crank it.  Awkward and annoying.

Oh, and the line is about 18 inches too short, so Herb has had to use a short piece of stern line to tie onto it.

So today, let's fix this.  First he takes the winch off the wall, takes the line off.  Catches another ride into Nanaimo to buy a length of line long enough to reach from the winch to the dinghy.

After reattaching the winch, he begins to crank the handle and "Voile" it works and easily!

The dinghy is now up and the braces can be attached for cruising.  Thanks, Herb, life just got easier.

We share Happy Hour and dinner with Joan and Keith on the marina community deck, then join them aboard Nit-Sea-Moose for a tiny bit of port, and enjoy the end of yet another wonderful day, as Roper the yellow lab tolerates our laughter.  

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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