Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Eagles Show - to Codville Lagoon -- 6/21/2015

We wake in Fury Cove across Fitz Hugh Sound from Calvert Island to see not a leaf moving, no wind at all, and the boats appear to be sitting on glass.  Everything is still and so peaceful.   The sun is shining brightly and the temp is already up to 64 degrees F. 

With only 40 miles to go to Codville Lagoon, we have a leisurely morning and weigh anchor at 9:58A.  Fog drifts in, and as we make the turn into the Sound, I cannot see Calvert Island, but visibility is quite OK for safe travel.

Ocean swells greet us and soon we see the BC Ferry, Northern Expedition, who probably sent some waves our way.  The fog thins as we travel on northward and visibility is perfect.  Cerulean blue is overhead with spotty dark clouds and a few whitish mares’ tails.  Fog hangs near the earth, suspended in mid air.

Performing our constant lookout, we note something white ahead of us in the distance, and getting bigger.  Or should I say, “Appears larger to the eye now as we approach.”  (Laughter is heard in the cabin.)   So we know the vessel is coming our way or we are overtaking it.  The swells are gentle with 1-2 ft. chop, becoming flat calm near the entrance to Koeye channel because we are more protected by Calvert Island.

About three miles south of Koeye River Inlet I spy an eagle on the starboard shore and hurry to the cockpit for a photo.  Herb slows Willie’s Tug for me to take advantage of the show as another eagle joins the first, then one flies.  Was he chased away, or wanting his own tree?


King of the Forest

Continuing on we see a few white caps, but the water is definitely not rough.  Ah, another cruise ship comes south – again this one is Disney Wonder, 294 meters long, and the one Kenny was on earlier in the month with his family.  Ray radios us that we should ask him if he went below to fix the shear pin.

We arrive at Codville Lagoon at 2:15P, after which Herb and Ray put out the crab traps.  We anchor in 32 feet, letting out 120 foot of rode.

Nudibranch entering Codville Lagoon

Sonar shows the Lagoon Floor

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, June 21, 2015

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