Monday, June 8, 2015

Poets Cove Day Two -- and Onze Tug -- 6/5/2015

Poets Cove Marina and Resort is set against a serious hill with a serious climb almost straight up.  Weak leg muscles need not apply.  Herb and I take a walk on one of the several roads and trails in hopes of finding an overlook, and take the road to the right.  His phone GPS does not give good detail, but we are able to see how far we have walked and where we are.  

It becomes clear that the overlook is down a trail many steps below us, so at a point of having half as much exercise as we want, we stay on the surface road and turn back toward the marina.  In the photo the narrow part of the larger island is the marina, and the red dot is where we are, at the point where the road leads more inland for no possible overlook.

On the way back I take photos of a few of my favorite things -- lovely fuchsia colored foxglove.   Ray gives me the botanical name and tells me is the plant from which the heart medicine digitalis is made.  It is also poisonous.

Herb stands beside a huge rock that tips slightly toward the road.  As we pass by, we notice a crevice -- or maybe it is a rock that split in two.  Looking closely, we see light peering through, and is seen at the bottom of the photo.  I wonder when this happened.

A split rail fence enclosing someone's pasture appears quite weathered and is covered with greenish gray moss, but will probably last many, many more years.  The fragrance of the trees is so refreshing, like herbs and spices in the galley.

Near the marina on level ground before the steep decline stands an Anglican church building, now closed, but maintained by a Historical Society.

Church of the Good Shepherd

There are more flowers that beg to be photographed for their vivid lavender colours, and a passerby suggests Herb and I should be in the picture.

We make sure to end our walk by Happy Hour time, when we all gather to share favorite appetizers and tales of the day's adventures.  Again, two tables are needed and there is so much tasty food that no one really needs to go to dinner later.

Tonight we are treated to a bingo game -- hilarious bingo -- complete with prizes, some of which are gift certificates and Garry's bowls made from the arbutus tree, or in the United States, we call them madrona trees.  They are beautiful.

Many play and many win!  Some lucky people win more than one time!

Jeff repeats the numbers for all to hear, and there is some hilarious confusion over some numbers either not being in the basket, or maybe appearing twice.

A late arrival today is Nudibranch, bringing Ray and Jocelyn.  We see them leaving the Customs Dock in front of Poets Cove Hotel and Spa to join us for the rest of the week end.

In the slip next to Willie's Tug is Onze Tug, an R-29.  Hildy tells me the name means 'Our Tug' in Dutch.  We get a chance to visit with her and Jon several times during the week end, and hope to see them on the water later during the boating season.

Hildy and Jon on Onze Tug
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, June 5, 2015

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